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Attention – All Current or Future Health Business Owners:

Paul Wright"Turn Your Team Into a Marketing Machine that Increases Profits, Reduces Stress and Fills Your Clinics with High Paying Clients - with Just ONE In-House Training Day!"

The Harsh Reality of Health Business Ownership

If you are like most health professionals, you may have thought you could open your doors and have a thriving practice full of ideal clients after graduating from university.

But the harsh reality hits home when see how slow natural business growth is and becomes even more obvious once you employ other health professionals.

It's like banging your head against a brick wall trying to get your team actively marketing and keeping a full patient list.

One of mentors once told me – trying to get your team interested in marketing and sales in health care is like getting the giraffe at Disney's Animal Kingdom to think more about ticket sales.

Your team just don't understand the importance of effective marketing – and how to do it successfully in health care.

And why would we - none of us do any training in the areas of business development, marketing or sales training in our university courses.

I also know that the majority of health business owners feel totally overwhelmed and fearful of most marketing methods – and again – it is easy to understand why:

  • They have been duped into placing adverts in local newspapers that did not work.
  • Have been sold overpriced yellow pages adverts and had no idea what to write in the advert- often leaving the advert design to the yellow pages sales rep – any wonder they do not work.
  • They have spent hour after painful hour sitting – totally demoralized - in the waiting room of doctor's offices – hoping to get a few rushed minutes to ask the doctor to refer patients to them - and as a result – still not get any referrals.
  • Or you are so scared of what your peers, your professional associations or regulators will say about your marketing – you end up doing nothing.

What Your Health Business Should Be Like for YOU – the Owner

I was exactly like you – I thought my team would fill their appointment books – just because they were great practitioners.

However – I realized very quickly that if I wanted to have a truly great health business – with all therapists busy and motivated – I needed to understand how to market my health business more effectively.

I also needed to train my team on their role in marketing so they became part of the solution – not part of the problem.

Once we completed this marketing training program my team were able to develop their own marketing plans and fill their books with high quality clients.

I no longer had to fight the team to complete marketing activities – as they now understand how to build their lists and not rely on me to do it for them - what a relief.

This training and information empowered my team to take responsibility for their own results – freeing me from the stress and worry of continuing to be the driver of each and every marketing system in the business.

The end result was a team of happy, motivated and most importantly – BUSY – health professionals who were now supportive of our marketing initiatives and plans.

With the end result – More Profit, More Patients and Less Stress.

How to Get the Same Results for Your team

What if I told you there was a health professional training package - guaranteed to get your team totally motivated about marketing your health business - on board with all your marketing ideas - and empowered to grow their own patient lists - without relying on you to do everything for them?

Well here it is – my “Ultimate Patient Attraction System

This incredible program – allows you to invite me into your home or office for a one day training event – that will totally transform the way you and your team market your health business – at a fraction of the cost of booking me to do a live training day.

No more shotgun marketing or wasted advertising expenses – it is all in the “Ultimate Patient Attraction System”.

And best of all – you can use this training program over and over again to ensure all new team members are aware of the importance of marketing – and have the skills to effectively fill they books with ideal clients.

This pack also includes a full 12 month marketing planner – previously only available to my one-on-one coaching clients.

This is the exact same marketing system I used in my health businesses before I sold them - and it is all included in the Ultimate Patient Attraction System pack.

In fact – this marketing plan alone will add thousands of dollars to the ultimate sale price of your business – as a structured plan to attract clients is vital to potential buyer of your business – I know it was for mine.

If you are serious about building a great health business – you must have a structured marketing plan but you and your team must also understand the complexities of marketing – the Ultimate Patient Attraction System delivers this information to you in one single day of team training.

What Other Professionals have said about Using the Ultimate Patient Attraction System as a One Day Training Event:

"I ran my entire annual team meeting around the Ultimate Patient Attraction System, using your DVD's and other data. In short, I ran each DVD and stopped at the points that you did, so that all of my team could complete the exercises in the workbook. I now have an entire team who understand how we are going to market in the future, and most importantly a realisation that they are part of the marketing machine as opposed to just treating marketing that is done from 'the centre'. Further evidence of their learning and engagement is that numerous therapists are now pro-actively making marketing suggestions to me. On a personal level, this is the first time that I have felt confident about how to market for private clients."

Wayne Bernstein – Owner – Total Rehab Solutions – United Kingdom

You can even see a video Wayne shot of the training day in progress – on the side of this page.

Here is a comment from another very smart health business owner who bought the pack after attending the live seminar this program is based on:

"When I learnt you were releasing this on DVD and CD, I couldn't wait to get my team involved in the practice's marketing initiatives. They all now have their own marketing plans in place and feel empowered to be responsible for generating their own new clients in areas they are passionate about."

Justin Mistry (MPhty / BExSc) APAM | Director Back In Motion Bundall & Mermaid, Queensland, Australia

You can also see written and video testimonials from attendees of the live seminar event on the side of this page.

So What Exactly Is Included in The "Ultimate Patient Attraction System"?

4 DVD's of my Presentations (plus USB Drive of all Sessions in MP4 and MP3)

The pack includes 4 DVD's / MP4's of my presentations at the live bootcamp – perfect for showing as a live in-service at your health business – or in the comfort of your own home.

DVD / MP4 #1 – The Fundamentals of Marketing for Health Professionals – Why marketing is so important in health care, why health professionals are typically poor marketers and how poor marketing is actually reducing your clinical results.

DVD / MP4 #2 - The Message and the Market –Identify what you and your team actually deliver to your clients (and it is not pain relief), why clients come to see you in the first place and how to increase client compliance with treatment programs. This session will also help them identify who their ideal client is and awaken them to the goldmine of new patient's right under their noses.

DVD / MP4 #3 - The Media and the Marketing Plan –After watching this presentation your team will be coming to you with marketing ideas instead of you pleading with them to do the most simple of marketing steps.

DVD / MP4 #4 – Putting It All Together – The importance of planning their marketing activities so they do not have the stress of busy periods – followed by painful and frustrating “quiet times” – your team will now be actively engaged and providing input into your monthly marketing planner.

Bonus DVD – The Future of Accessing Health Care Services – with Klaus Bartosch.

The Pack Also Includes 6 MP3's / Audio CD's of the Presentations:

I appreciate that your team members (and you) may not have the time to sit down and watch each of the DVD's – or they learn better from audio session – for this reason the “Ultimate Patient Attraction System” includes the audio recordings from the seminar on 6 Audio CD's / MP3's.

The Pack Also Includes Written Transcripts of the Full Presentations:

Many of your team (and you) may prefer to learn via the written word – for this reason I have also included a hard copy of the written transcripts from the live seminar.

This transcript can be given to your team members to read – again helping them understand their role in the marketing of their health services.

The Pack also contains a comprehensive “DATA DISC” / USB Drive – with the following resources on it:

-           Word and pdf copies of the seminar manual – allowing you to print off a copy for each team member to complete as they watch the DVD's, or listen to the CD's, or make their way through the written transcript.

-           Excel, Word and pdf copies of a sample 30 page completed marketing plan – allowing you and your team to borrow the ideas from my plan and put your own plan into action immediately.

(NOTE: this comprehensive marketing plan took me more than 12 months to develop and perfect and it is included – in full word and excel format – ready to use in your health business NOW – this resource alone is worth the full payment of the pack)

-           Word and pdf copies of the empty marketing plan – this allows your team to complete a marketing plan of their own – for their specific services inside your business.

-           Word and pdf copies of the patient USP survey – this survey will allow you to regularly survey your clients and find out “directly from the horses mouth” – why they chose you as this health provider. This information can dramatically impact the success of your marketing activities.

-           The pdf copies of the powerpoint slides for all presentations – allowing your team to review marketing pieces and provide them with the skills to assist you in the development of your best marketing pieces and promotions.

The “DATA DISC” / USB Drive also contains a range of additional resources that were not made available to attendees at the live seminar event.

These Bonus Resources include:

-           A list of the “37 Emotional Benefits Sheet Linked to Purchase Behaviour” – the real reason people choose to buy your product or service and will dictate all marketing pieces you produce.

-           The article “Iconic Branding” and pdf “The Gold at the End of the Ladder” shares with you and your team how the truly great companies imprint their message on our brains with such success – and how you can use these same methods in your health business marketing.

-           A time and money saving cheat sheet titled "5 Methods for Writing Email Subject Lines and 10 Winning Sentence Starters"

-           A great e-book "How to Improve Your Business Internet Presence"

-           An incredible e-book – "How to Think Like a Futurist"

-           "Social Media Summary Sheet World AS Day Strategy" – this resource outlines the major social media programs available today – which ones you need to be part of and which ones are a waste of your valuable time and energy.

-           An excellent e-book and lecture outline titled “Bridging Objections” – how to further engage the client and guarantee program success.

-          "People Skills That Will Make You a Fortune" – the different personality styles and how you must understand these styles to ensure you communicate effectively with all clients.

I have also included a selection of my own written resources to further grow your health business – including:

-           “The Perfect Consult - Therapist Overview”– this pdf outlines the steps all health professionals must take to consistently deliver outstanding consultation each and every time.

-           “Injury Prediction and Prevention Testing for Health Professionals” E-book - this resource provides you and your team with a simple guide to the pre-assessment and screening of pre- exercising individuals.

-           “Health Business Success Principles - How to Make This Year Your Best Ever” – an e-book full of tips and strategies to grow your health business even more.

-           “Seven Health Business Profit Tips” – e-book - how to ethically increase profits in your health business.

-           “Biggest Hiring Mistakes”  -  if there is one area of business that can cost you the most pain and the most money – it is failing to get the right team members on your bus.
Special Deluxe Edition Bonus

As a special inclusion in this “Deluxe Edition” I have included the DVD AND CD version of 3 of my most popular webinars:

Webinar One – “The Practice Acceleration Program – How to Build a Great Health Business in ONLY 42 Days

Webinar Two – “The Top 20 Hiring Mistakes That Reduce Profits, Increase Stress and Keep You Chained to Your Health Business Forever

Webinar Three – “Core Stability and the Better Back Program – How to Put a Structured Lumbar Spine Rehabilitation Program into Your Health Business

It is often difficult for health professionals to find the time to watch a webinar at the time it is set down for – so with these bonuses – you and your team can watch the DVD or listen to the CD of the webinar at a time convenient to you.

That's 20 DVD's/CD's AND the USB DRIVE in the pack – plus the written manual and transcript, and the data disc full of resources and materials to really take your business to the next level.

Extra Bonus Materials
This special edition of the Ultimate patient Attraction System also includes my 2 marketing DVD's valued at $250 AUD.

Bonus DVD One:
“Marketing Your Health Business for Maximal Profits – Session One”
In this 90 minute DVD Paul will share with you the secrets of internal health business marketing including:
- The real art and science of health care business marketing.
- Our 20 biggest marketing mistakes.
- How to determine the success of new clinics and services.
- How the secret to increased profits is already available to you for FREE.
- Paul's 28 step “Perfect Consult” Program and how to put it into your business now.
- Key statistics and measures that all health business MUST know.
Click here for short video preview of this DVD

Bonus DVD Two:
“Marketing Your Health Business for Maximal Profits – Session Two”
In this 90 minute DVD Paul will share with you the tips and strategies of external health business marketing including:
- 7 steps to a great sign or poster.
- The 12 essential marketing words and the 6 words of death in marketing.
- The 3 primary marketing tools and how to use them.
- Why Yellow Pages adverts are costing you money and how to get better results for less.
- The best and worst adverts and signs in health care.
- Newspaper adverts that work in health care.
- Common website mistakes and how to avoid them.
Click here for short video preview of this DVD

Wrighty is a Goose Guarantee

For those new to my materials and programs you always have the safety and security of my “Wrighty is a Goose Guarantee".

If you buy the pack and within the first 90 days you and your team do not think it give you incredible value for money and return on your investment - you can simply send it back for a full refund - no dramas.

Just post it back to us at PhysioProfessor Pty Ltd, PO Box 574 Swansea NSW, Australia, 2281 and we will refund your money straight away - No Drama.

"If the Ultimate Patient Attraction System doesn't transform your team into a marketing machine that increase profits, reduces stress and fills your clinics with high paying clients...then return everything within the next 90 days for a FULL refund.  No questions asked."

So what's included in the Ultimate Patient Attraction System package?

  • 4 DVD's / MP4's of my live presentations
  • The special bonus lecture “The Future of Accessing Health Care Services”
  • 6 Audio CD's / MP3's of the live seminar
  • Full Written transcript of the full seminar – Ring Bound
  • Seminar Manual – Ring Bound
  • The DATA DISC and USB Drive with the full marketing planner, workbook, blank template, client USP survey, and all the bonus materials and e-books.
  • 3 webinars on DVD
  • 3 webinars on CD

And the 2 bonus marketing DVD's - Part 4 and 5 (valued at $250)

That's 20 DVD/ CD's PLUS the USB Drive Packed with Amazing Value.

Ultimate Patient Attraction System

How to Use the Package?

The best and most effective way to use the pack is to set aside a one day in-service for your team and print up a copy of the manual for each attendee.

Then simply press “play” on the first MP4 / DVD – and away you go – stopping along the way to complete the essential exercises and marketing activities.

At the end of the One Day training seminar – each of your team will have developed their own marketing plan, understood how to successfully marketing their services to their past, current and future patients – and will ultimately make your health business even more successful.

Your team have now become part of the solution instead of being part of the problem.

What Sort of Value Does This One Day Training Package Represent for a Health Business Owner?

If I were to present the event live to your team at your clinic my current fee for a one day training seminar is $10,000 – not including my travel costs (from Australia), accommodation and other expenses.

And that is for a One Off seminar event- so not for your future team members.

What about if you sent your team to my One Day Ultimate Client Attraction Bootcamp - Live Seminar?

Now I am still running my live bootcamps as many professionals do prefer live training events – however – how much would it cost for you to send your full team to the live bootcamp?

Assuming there is even a bootcamp being held in your city or country in the first place – and I do not do many of these live events each year.

Seminar Registration Fees – Approx $400 per attendee - Plus Travel and Accommodation Expenses for each of your team.

As you can see – the majority of health business owners would spend upwards of $10,000 to have this event as a live seminar for your team – and still have nothing to use for their future team members.

The value in this program is unbelievable – even if you are only charging $60-$70 for a standard session (I hope you are charging more than that).  You only need to see an extra 15 or so clients to pay for the full program.  No wonder Paul is going to raise the price of the program shortly.

Order NOW - Choose Your Preferred Option

Order Option One:
Click HERE to Order your "Ultimate Patient Attraction System" for a one off payment of ONLY $1247 AUD (plus $20 P and H) - total $1267 AUD
Order Option Two:
Click HERE to Order your "Ultimate Patient Attraction System" using our "easy payment plan" of just $497 AUD (plus $20 P and H), then in 30 days time a payment of $400 AUD and in 60 days your final payment of $400 AUD - total $1317 AUD
Choose Your Preferred Order Option NOW!!

10 Reasons to Order the "Ultimate Patient Attraction System" (UPAS) NOW

  1. Save yourself thousands of dollars and countless hours by using Paul's marketing secrets and marketing plan – tried and tested over the past 20 years – remember "successful people spend money to save time" and this program will save you years of work and prevent countless marketing mistakes.
  2. Empower your team by letting the Ultimate Patient Attraction System teach them about the importance of marketing – never again have all the marketing campaigns in your business left to you and you alone.
  3. This unique program is specifically designed for health professionals by a fellow health professional who understands the struggles, problems, and stress that comes with health business ownership – use Paul's marketing system and knowledge to claim back your life NOW!!
  4. You can benefit from Paul's 20 years of health business ownership experience and save yourself the pain and frustration that Paul went through to finally get to this stage of business success – would you like the freedom to choose when and where you go to work – and still have a great income?
  5. Share in Paul's knowledge gained from investing more than $40,000 in business coaching and over $20,000 in seminars, courses and training programs – including an Advanced Diploma in Business Management – don't waste 20 years like Paul did – take the fast track and use his marketing system and knowledge.
  6. The UPAS (like all of Paul's business building materials) includes a 30 day - 100% money back guarantee – if you get the pack and don't think it is for you – (highly unlikely) then simply send it back for a full refund – no risk to you.
  7. Paul has included the exact same marketing plan he used to attract a flood of ideal clients to his successful health businesses – allowing him to withdraw from the businesses to focus on his other interests – like water skiing and surf ski paddling.
  8. Using these marketing methods will enable you to FREE yourself from your business - just like Paul did - to enjoy the freedom that all business owners should be enjoying.
  9. Take advantage of Paul's optional easy payment plan – of 3 low monthly payments – allowing you to put these systems in place and increase your income BEFORE paying for the rest of the program.
  10. Beat the price rise – this program presents such great value there is little double that the current prices will not last long – Paul's business advisors are constantly at him to raise the price of this program – get in now before Paul takes their advice.

Order NOW - Choose Your Preferred Option

Order Option One:
Click HERE to Order your "Ultimate Patient Attraction System" for a one off payment of ONLY $1247 AUD (plus $20 P and H) - total $1267 AUD
Order Option Two:
Click HERE to Order your "Ultimate Patient Attraction System" using our "easy payment plan" of just $497 AUD (plus $20 P and H), then in 30 days time a payment of $400 AUD and in 60 days your final payment of $400 AUD - total $1317 AUD
Choose Your Preferred Order Option NOW!!

About Paul Wright

Paul WrightIf you are like most health professionals YOU are an excellent clinician – but YOU are so time poor and busy that you don't have enough time for your family and friends. Life may be passing you by while you are at work and away from home. 

BUT there is a better way, health professional Paul Wright can show you how to create a "turn-key" health business that makes money for you while you're at home, on holidays, or spending time with your family...just as he has done. 

Paul Wright is living proof this "Ultimate Health Business Lifestyle" is possible. For more than 20 years he owned multiple successful Get Active Health clinics in Australia, but still spent more time at home than his wife preferred, never missed a school concert or sports carnival, and visited his clinics for only a few hours each week. At one time didn't even lives in the same city as 5 of his clinics!

Having recently sold his clinics - for a great price - he now prefers spending time with his family and friends, at the beach, or at home working on his latest passions - The Ultimate Patient Attraction System, The Practice Acceleration Program, Profit Club, Physio Professor and his popular One on One Coaching program for health professionals.

Pauls "Ultimate Patient Attraction System" - shows you exactly how to get you and your team successfully marketing your health business - don't miss this incredible opportunity to increase your business profits and fill your clinic with your ideal clients.

What Attendees of the Live Marketing Bootcamp - that the "Ultimate Patient Attraction System" is based on - said...
"OMG very excited about taking this to the team and show them a clear and concise marketing plan for 2013"
Tiffany and Mitch Hancock (Gulf and Ranges Optometry).

"Thank you for your clear, succinct, logical and enriching day. Your content will allow for immediate implementation and follow through. You are an asset to the health industry."
Jane Watson (Watson Headache Clinic).

"Paul - great work again. You have helped me now over many years in my physio business. Our practices have grown with your knowledge, scripts and marketing plans. Wish we learnt this at university."
Nestor Chan (Austral Physiotherapy)

"If you do nothing this year regarding marketing at least attend this seminar - the information is vital for success in business."
Luke Madden (Osteopath - Miranda Health Centre)

"Thanks for your candour- your generosity with your intellectual property was overwhelming - my brain hurts but in a good way."
David Scandol (Rozelle Total Health)

"Easily received more than $1000 in new value - which is difficult considering I have done heaps of Paul Wright courses before."
Nathan Walshe (Verve for Life)

"Paul's generosity and willingness to share his wealth of experiences was exemplary - thank you."
Ted Jedynak (Podiatrist - The Foot and Leg Centre - Adelaide)

"Even though I am not a physio, chiro etc I learnt a lot about planning the year ahead and how to earn income without being physically present."
Lorri Sheldon (Exercise Therapist - PT)

"I went to night school 2 nights a week for 18 months to study this stuff and Paul covers it in one practical day."
Bruce Cohen (Physiotherapist - E-Note File)

"Entertaining, enlightening and at times confronting - an absolute must for any health business owner who wants to be successful."
Aaron Hardaker (Owner Northern Beaches Physiotherapy - Woolgoolga and Urunga)

"I have waited for such high quality marketing material for a long time - this bootcamp was worth many times its cost."
Rick Chiang (Owner of Pain Free Physio - Brisbane)

"This course is a must for health care professionals. It is amazing to be able to obtain so many great business ideas in just one day. I am sure this will change the way things are done at my clinic and will no doubt be of huge benefit for the clinics as well as the patients."
Alex Blazhevskyiy (Physiotherapist - Bodyfit Physiotherapy)

"Great value and great inspiration - even if you have no idea about marketing or have no interest in marketing - you CANNOT leave this seminar without learning an enormous amount about where to start and how to do it. Many thanks Paul - you are a star."
Sue Roll - Performance Rehab Australia - Brisbane

"Another great presentation by Paul - can't wait to remove myself from the practice and sit down and implement these real world strategies."
Justin Mistry - Owner Back in Motion - Surfers Paradise

"Fantastic day Paul - great content. Definite value for money - looking forward to working with you again soon."
Simon Nawrocki (Owner Focus Osteopathy - Melbourne)

"I think this is a session that all health business owners should do. This information is never presented to us in our undergraduate training but is essential for all private practitioners."
Peter Wells (Physiotherapist)

"A very large bomb into my existing five year plan - excellent new direction - thanks - great workshop."
Tanya Allan - Business Manager

"Opened my eyes to the world of marketing - great presentation and easy application."
Yousuf Syed (Owner - Sport and Spine Physiotherapy - Mackay)

"I found Paul to be an exciting and vibrant speaker - today I learnt new concelts about marketing and advertising."
Tony Massarotti (Podiatrist - Eastern Foot Care)

"Thanks Wrighty - looking forward to the implementation of the new business plan."
Neil Bell (Physique Physiotherapy)

"Very informative - showed me that marketing is vital to the existence and survival of my business - it is easy to be a podiatrist - harder to be a business owner."
Trevor Lane (Podiatrist and Business Owner)

"Great information for someone looking to open a practice - fantastic presenter and some real marketing gems unearthed - Great Day."
Scott Cooke (Physiotherapist)

"Marketing is a huge gap in training for health professionals - I definitely felt the need for information in this area in order to grow my business."
Neroli Page (Physiotherapist)

"Great course - re-enforced my current ideas and gave me a lot to think about."
Bianca-Joan Praw (Marketing Co-ordinator)

"Going home with heaps of ideas to alter current marketing techniques and start new ones."
Jacinta Horan (Physiotherapist)

"Clear, practical messages and values - learnt a lot. Excited to make changes to my health business."
Justin Lin (Physiotherapist)

"A lot of excellent content offering many opportunities to improve your business efficiency and value."
Steve Sandor (Restore Movement - Melbourne)

"Very good group interaction and was great to get ideas from other health professionals in similar situations."
Aaron Dri (Podiatrist)

"Invaluable for health professionals who generally have little to no university education in marketing."
David Campbell (Physiotherapist)

"Overwhelmed but motivated to plan the next 12 months - awesome content - awesome delivery."
Clare Singleton (Physiotherapist)

"A great insight and relevant information about how to have a successful health care business."
Kevin Doherty (Operations Manager - My Podiatrist - Melbourne)

"A fantastic day of learning and networking - I now have the knowledge and tools to start a marketing plan."
Kerri Michelini (Business Operations Manager - North East Physiotherapy)

"I felt like today I became a marketing fan with a passionate drive to get to work on my next years marketing plan."
Matt Fankhauser (Physiotherapist)

"Excellent content, motivating, thought provoking and I can't wait to put it into practice. Great to have a structured plan and system in place for the new year."
Kylie Royal (Exercise Physiologist)

"Thank you Paul for clarifying how to systematically and effectively market my podiatry practice. The content was highly engaging. I am looking forward to getting started on my plans."
Eliza Godkin (Podiatrist)

"Fantastic - very eye opening. It was a great day. I have learnt a lot and I am very excited to start applying all this content into marketing my clinic better. Paul is a great speaker and very knowledgeable."
Melissa Goonan - Osteopath Osteopath - Vibrant Health Osteopathy and Pilates - Doreen Victoria

"As always - Paul presents extremely relevant information to allied health business owners - information necessary to run sustainable businesses."
Dian Parry (Osteopath)

"Short and sweet - fantastic content - all will be extremely useful - and all in one fun day."
Lauren Ferguson (Physiotherapist)

"The kick up the arse that most health professionals need in order to maintain a successful health business"
Donovan Strachan (Osteopath)

"Challenged me to think about my marketing plans, to identify positive internal marketing opportunities. Whenever I write marketing material I will use Pauls 5 finger approach - new to me and makes great sense"
Shan Morrison (Physiotherapist)

"Very well structured seminar. Thoroughly enjoyable and extremely engaging. Definitely would recommend it to other health care professionals who do not know where to start their marketing"
Vaughan Saunders (Osteopath)

"Thanks Paul - today's session as been very thought provoking. Marketing is the key are my business is lacking - you have presented many marketing tools that I will now implement"
Anthony Rogan (Osteopath)

"After today's seminar I feel very motivated to improve the marketing strategies already in place and have been exposed to many ideas and opinions on how to promote, and improve all aspects of my health business"
Sarah Bowling (Podiatrist)

"Great seminar and workshop Paul - you have given me plenty of marketing ideas to help with my business growth - thank you"
Andria Aspris (Myotherapist)

"It was just wonderful to know that there is someone out there who has done all the research about how to run a great health business efficiently - profitably and still enjoy life. Thank you so much Paul"
Tara Kosuri (Physiotherapist)

"Excellent presentation and discussion. Great value add to my practice. I have taken a lot back to implement into my clinic - thank you"
Regina Malamed (Business Development Manager)

"Great ideas - some easy things to implement as well as some more complex ideas - great information for all levels of marketing experience"
Carrie Nisbet (Osteopath)

"My brain is full - excellent internal marketing systems to implement. I would most definitely recommend this seminar to other health professionals - unless they are potential future competitors - ha ha"
Peter Biskup (Physiotherapist)

"Excellent presentation with great ideas for me to put in place on Monday morning"
Greg Hines (Chiropractor)

"Excellent presentation outlining marketing approaches and common failures that people make in health businesses. Great practical advice that I will be implementing on Monday"
Prue Eddie (Osteopath)

"I am a member of Pauls Profit Club program and still took so much away from the event on top of what I already know"
Kirrienne Coughlan (Massage Therapist)

"Fantastic course - a must for every health care business owner - very knowledgeable and entertaining content and presenter"
Anthony Murphy (Osteopath)

"The content was very practical and easy to implement immediately. I believe it will make a tremendous difference to my health business"
Erica Parcio-Cooke (Physiotherapist)

"As a physiotherapist who is a much more passionate clinician rather than businessman - Pauls tips will be a fantastic way of allowing business growth for all other professionals in the practice without taking away from valuable clinical time"
Michael Ranger (Physiotherapist)

"Finally - a health professional talking and training about health business - thank you Paul"
Tahnee Westbury (Occupational Therapist)

"Thanks for giving me a kick start I the direction I know I should have started long ago"
Jessica Abitz (Personal Trainer - Suburban Warrior)

"Well presented and informative - made the daunting task of marketing seem less complicated"
Sarah Newman (Practice Manager Square One Physiotherapy)

"Excellent content - clearly presented and will structured bootcamp. Looking forward to implementing these strategies into my practice tomorrow"
Clinton Griffiths (Physiotherapist - Beachside Physio and Sports Injury Clinic)

"Highly recommended for any health professional who wants to improve the value and efficiency of their practice"
Esther Lucas (Admin Manager and Director - CBDPhysio)

"Thanks Paul - very informative and useful. Great content that I will be able to start using straight away. Thanks for doing some of the hard work for me"
Craig McDonald (Physiotherapist - Back to Health Physiotherapy - Newport)

"First time in my professional career I am actually excited about marketing. Great course - really wish I had learnt this when I first started my practice - great energy and enthusiasm all day"
Ashton Lucas (Physiotherapist - CBDPhysio)

"This workshop provides me with a timely kick up the backside. As a business owner aiming to drag himself out of the clinic and into a better lifestyle - I appreciate all the help Paul delivers in making the job achievable"
Darren Stuchbury (Physiotherapist and Business Owner)

"Action packed seminar - Pauls energy and passion are infectious. I have a lot of work to do but feel excited for the future of my business and my life"
Sharon Macrow (Massage Practitioner/ Lecturer)

"As a practitioner - the marketing skills and content of Pauls seminar contains do not come naturally. The marketing bootcamp is an excellent way for health professionals to bridge the gap between clinician and successful business owner"
Andrew Lim (Chiropractor)

"Today's course has provided me with a much needed focus on my monthly marketing plan - provided structure and activities with measurable outcomes"
Sophia Hennessy (Podiatrist - Forest Podiatry)

"Thoroughly enjoyable and valuable workshop. Most health professionals do not get any training on the business aspects of practice and marketing. This course opened up many pathways and more structured business possibilities for your practice "
Demitra Mersinia (Dentist)

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How One Smart UK Health Business Owner Trained His Team using the "Ultimate Health Business Client Attraction System" and what he said about the training day be conducted using the materials in the pack.

"I ran my entire annual team meeting around the Ultimate patient Attraction System, using your DVD's and other data. In short, I ran each DVD and stopped at the points that you did, so that all of my team could complete the exercises in the workbook. I now have an entire team who understand how we are going to market in the future, and most importantly a realisation that they are part of the marketing machine as opposed to just treating marketing that is done from 'the centre'. Further evidence of their learning and engagement is that numerous therapists are now pro-actively making marketing suggestions to me. On a personal level, this is the first time that I have felt confident about how to market for private clients."

Wayne Bernstein - Owner - Total Rehab Solutions - UK

The Ultimate Patient Attraction System in Action

Comments from Actual Attendees of the Total Rehab Solutions Training Day Using the UPAS

"The marketing day and related material have provided extremely useful tools and strategies which I'm sure will be valuable for the future of my career. It has certainly been an eye opener to the world of marketing, and made me realise how little I know in this field. The course has also shown how vital both communication and effective marketing are in the profession of physiotherapy when attempting to generate private patients and expand our practice."

Damian Kapp (Physiotherapist) at Total Rehab Solutions UK

"The day was very interesting and informative. A huge amount of information given in a relaxed way. Lots of new ideas to put into practice without compromising my ethics and patient centred care."

Rebecca Burman (Physiotherapist) at Total Rehab Solutions UK

Comments from another Health Business Owner Who has Used the Ultimate Patient Attraction System to Conduct a Full Team training Day

"To this day, the Ultimate Client Attraction Bootcamp is the best marketing workshop I have been to. When I learnt you were releasing this on DVD and CD, I couldn't wait to get my team involved in the practice's marketing initiatives. They all now have their own marketing plans in place and feel empowered to be responsible for generating their own new clients in areas they are passionate about."

Justin Mistry (MPhty / BExSc) APAM | Director Back In Motion Bundall & Mermaid, Queensland, Australia

What Attendees of Paul's Live Client Attraction Bootcamp Said

“Why did'nt I find this guy 15 years ago - I now know how to put everything into my practice to make my health business hum, quit working quite so hard in my business so I can work more on my business and start to realize the profits”

Dr Cherye Roche - Chiropractor - New Zealand

“Excellent - Paul's willingness to give of his experience and draw on years of practical and real world tangible stuff was fantastic. Highly recommended - if you don't do this course you are nuts. As health professionals we miss out on the marketing information - so this course is an essential one to do.”

Ted Jednyak - Podiatrist - Owner Foot and Leg Centre - Adelaide

“I came along to this course but I have to tell you I hate marketing - I don't know anything about marketing - but you cannot leave this course without knowing where to start and what to implement to drive your business forward. So it doesn't matter how old you are you can still learn how to market - thank you Paul.”

Sue Roll - Business Owner - Performance Rehab Australia - Brisbane

“AIn the course I learnt that there are so many things you can do within your business that don't need to be high stress. I would really recommend this course to all health professionals because as a group we just don't get this material very well. The material in the course was easy to impliment, concise and really good value for the day.”

Mitch Hancock - Optometrist - Owner of Gulf and Ranges Optometry - Post Augusta

“I have just done the bootcamp with Paul and I am exhausted - it gave us so much information to go away with and add to our practices tomorrow that will make a real difference to our bottom lines. It proves there is always more you can learn. I have been cut and pasted into the Paul Wright shape. I would definitely recommend this course - but go to bed early the night before.”

Steve Sandor - Owner of Restore Movement - Melbourne

“I just did Paul's marketing bootcamp and it was an amazing day - Paul has an amazing ability to communicate his ideas in a clear and succinct way. The biggest thing I took away today was how to put together a full year marketing plan that will allow us to get ahead of the game.”

Jane Watson - Director of The Watson Headache Institute - Sydney

“I would highly recommend Pauls marketing bootcamp - it was fantastic - it has provided the foundation to kickstart my marketing - thank you Paul.”

Melissa Goonan - Osteopath - Vibrant Health Osteopathy and Pilates - Doreen Victoria

“I did an 18 month marketing course and night school and I think you could come and get all that information plus more from Paul in one afternoon - highly recommended course for all health professionals.”

Bruce Cohen - Physiotherapist E-Note File - Melbourne

“Loved the seminar - the value I received from attending is far and away above what I paid for the course. I would recommend this course to any health professional who wants to build a better business.”

Michael Hall - Physiotherapist - Owner of Bodywise Health - Melbourne

“The bootcamp was fantastic - I have now got all the resources and tools to go back and make the business bigger and better - and I would recommend this course to all health professionals.”

Kerrie Michelini - Business Operations Manager North East Physiotherapy - Melbourne

“The marketing plan was great and will allow my health businesses to grow into the next year. I would definitely recommend this course to other health professionals as we just don't learn this stuff at university.”

Nestor Chan - Director Austral Physiotherapy Sydney

“It was fantastic - I learnt a lot about marketing and I am now confident of putting marketing systems into the clinic to improve the business as a whole. I would definitely recommend this course to other health professionals.”

Bertrand Doeuk - Physiotherapist - Brisbane

“Today's course was great - there is a huge amount of information I will be able to implement - lots of new ideas and systems.”

Anna Tracy - Mudgee Physiotherapy

“Frankly - what Paul does to assist his customers in in dealing with the challenges of health business ownership is quite exceptional. I have seen many people deliver these kind of seminars but none have the same value of content that Paul willingly shares. They are great workshops and I highly recommend them.”

Klaus Bartosch - Executive Chairman of 1st Available - Online Booking System for Health Professionals

“Terrific day - great communicator - Paul you are a legend - well worth the money and well worth doing”

Mark Heard - Podiatrist

“I got a lot out of the seminar and loved the 2 month marketing planner that I got to take home with me as I like to have a list and I like to tick things off. Do it for sure as it highlights the problems in our practice - do it.”

Kirsten Whissen - Podiatrist - Complete Foot Care

“Gave me the usual kick up the bum as I am struggling to get myself out of the practice - but Paul has given me all the tools to do it. Definitely worth doing - great to get together with other professionals in the same situation. Great not to feel alone. Money well spent.”

Darren Stuchbery - Physiotherapist and Owner of 6S Health

“I have been in business as a Physiotherapist for 20 years and I can honestly say that for the first time in my professional career I think I am excited about marketing - full marks - I enjoyed the day - thanks Paul.”

Ashton Lucas - Owner CBDPhysio

“The bootcamp was fantastic - I have heaps of marketing ideas to work on and fully recommend this course to other myotherapists.”

Andrea Aspira - Myotherapist and Business Owner

“It was a great experience and really bridged the gap between practitioner and business person - which we just don't get taught at uni. This is a course that every health business owner should do.”

Andrew Lim - Owner of North Sydney Sports and Chiropractic

“Three years ago I came across one of Paul's videos and I have since gone from a single practitioner business to having a thriving business with eleven professionals. So come to his course- listen and learn - you will never regret it.”

Albert Nakla - Owner of Pro-Fit Physio and Allied Health Centre