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Important Message for All Allied Health Business Owners!!!

DO YOU KNOW Hiring and Retaining Ideal Team Members is the Single Most Important Role for ALL Health Business Owners?  Yet the Vast Majority of Owners and Managers Are Frustrated, Confused, and CLUELESS About…

“How to Attract, Recruit, and Retain a Profitable Team of Therapists and Support Staff”

This ‘Done-For-You' Recruitment and Retention Program is Guaranteed to Increase Profits, Reduce Staff Hassles, and Improve the Productivity of Your Therapy and Admin Team...In 30 Days or Less

WATCH THIS SHORT VIDEO to Discover How the “Ultimate Recruitment, Retention, and Team Culture Program” Can FREE You from Being Held Hostage by Your Team...

  • Why “Traditional Recruitment” is outdated and ineffective in the new recruitment economy and how this system ensures accountability, supports business growth, and maximizes profits.
  • Exact examples of successful job adverts and how to package the applicants wage and salary package so a potential team member never chooses based on money again.
  • Why the applicant’s resume is highly overrated and the TWO secret forms all applicants must fill in which instantly reveal if they will be a great team member, or an expensive mis-hire.
  • How to deliver a “WOW” interview experience which makes the applicant committed, and even desperate, to work in your practice even if you are not offering the highest wage.
  • The FIVE essential steps to a successful onboarding experience which generates unparalleled loyalty, higher job satisfaction, improved performance, less turnover and reduced stress for both the team member and the owner.
  • How to plug-in our templates, resources, and training so your team can run 90% of your recruitment for you and guarantee a consistent flow of ideal team members to your health business.

Most health business owners and managers are so overwhelmed and time poor - they fail to create effective recruitment systems, leading to low number of applicants (if any), hiring the wrong people out of desperation, and losing great applicants due to poor packaging of their offer.

Instead, they only hire when a team member is leaving (leading to a rushed and often poor choice of replacement), are forced to pay higher than affordable wages, use under performing and poorly written job ads, and run a non-structured and superficial interview, which rarely reveals the true character of an applicant.

Not a great way to run a business - but a guaranteed path to owner and manager burnout, frustration, fatigue and poor work/life balance.

Do You Answer “YES” to Any of These Questions?

# Are you a health business owner or manager frustrated by your inability to recruit motivated and profitable team members to your health business?

# Do you wish your senior team members and managers could do most of the recruitment “grunt work” in finding highly qualified applicants

# Have you have placed multiple job ads for therapists, across many expensive and time-consuming platforms, only to receive a trickle of low-quality applicants, or even worse, no applicants at all?

# Do you feel you are being held hostage by the ridiculous and never-ending wage demands of your current team members (which you begrudgingly agree to because you are terrified of being unable to replace them)? 

# Do you dread receiving a message from a team member asking for a meeting with you, because you know it is either to tell you they are leaving, or to ask for a wage rise?

# Do you wish there were a way to identify instantly, if an applicant will be a great team member and likely to stay with your business for years?

# Would you give your left arm to generate multiple applicants for every position in your practice, so you are never again forced to employ an unsuitable team member?

# Do you wish your team members were more like you - confident in their recommendations and treatment plans, and able to generate countless referrals from their loyal patient list?

# Are you sick and tired of wasting weeks of your valuable time inducting a new team member to your practice, only to see them with empty appointment books and receiving bad patient feedback – leaving you having to deal with yet another expensive mis-hire?

# Do you wish you could predict which applicants will be confident in their treatment recommendations, happy to ask for referrals and effortlessly sell the required number of appointments?

# Do your team members roll their eyes and or even worse, become argumentative, when you talk to them about their low rebooking rates, high no show stats and poor product sales?

# Are you overwhelmed and in the dark about how to generate a continual flow of ideal team members desperate to work in your health business, so you never have to worry about a team member leaving again?

# Do you wish you knew exactly how the best health practices in the world are attracting, onboarding, and retaining incredible teams who generate instant rapport with their clients, make follow up appointments confidently, convert enquiries into bookings and ensure all clients get a great result?

FINALLY, there is a solution to all these problems!

“The Ultimate Recruitment, Retention, and Team Culture Program - How to Find, Build and Keep, Motivated and Profitable Team Members in Your Health Practice”

This incredible program gives you and your recruitment team the clarity, direction and peace of mind that comes from understanding EXACTLY how to generate a flood of ideal applicants, who are desperate to work in your health practice, regardless of the wage you offer.

Imagine experiencing complete confidence in how to find, hire and retain the absolute best therapists and admin support teams for your business…saving you hours of time and making you thousands of dollars in extra profit - plus delivering greatly improved client outcomes.

Plug-in the exact “step by step” recruitment process, used by the world’s leading health businesses, to create job descriptions, place adverts, interview, onboard, and retain exceptional, long-term team members.

No more uncertainty, stress or worry.

This “about time” program has been painstakingly coordinated by one of Australia's leading health business consultants, health professional and team development experts - Paul Wright.

Paul is a Physiotherapist and health business owner who has been in the trenches just like you - having previously owned 6 health clinics while running them from his home office and visiting each clinic for a few hours each week or two.

The program co-creator is one of the world's leading health business recruitment, onboarding and team retention experts, Judy Cirullo.

Judy is a USA based Physical Therapist, and former multi location practice owner, who has excelled in executive leadership and team coaching, in addition to her health business ownership career.

Finding and developing team members was one of her biggest frustrations until she created a simple framework to attract and then develop staff members into successful leaders. 

Soon Judy had a productive team that made her businesses thrive.

This framework is the foundation of the “Ultimate Recruitment, Retention, and Team Culture Program”.

Paul Wright and Judy Cirullo

What other Professionals said about Judy’s recruitment and retention program - which the “Ultimate Recruitment, Retention, and Team Culture Program” is based on:

“Using Judy’s systems, I hired and trained exceptional employees, retained more patients, and developed a work culture that supports the vision I have for my business. Now my business no longer runs my life.”

Michael Babin – Babin Physical Therapy

“This is brilliant, it made a huge difference in our interview process and helped us attract and hire a top candidate.

Julie Bergmann - Southern California Aquatic Physical Therapy

“This recruitment and retention program works. All the steps are clear, and the forms do all the work for you. The examples, samples and templates were over the top exceptional.

Leah Bounds - Eastern Shore Physical Therapy

“Since using this system, I now feel in control as a clinic director. One on One team meetings are a breeze, everyone is on the same page, and all team members are now highly productive. The stress that used to burden me has been lifted, I am now more productive and not forever putting out fires.”

Mary Ann Allred - PT, Clinical Director, Atrium Physical Therapy

What other Health Professionals have said about Paul Wrights impact on their businesses and lives:

“Before I started working with Paul, I was a hard-working mother doing over 60 hours a week working in my health business – however after working with Paul I now only do 10 hours a week with patients, and I have got my life back.

Jemma Mulligan - En Pointe Health

“Paul’s programs have completely transformed my business and my life. I went from 60 plus hours a week and no money in the bank, to less than 5 consulting hours a week. Our profits are up over 400% - life is now so much better for my family and I.

Lorcan O’Donaile – Achilles Foot Clinic

What Exactly Is Included in Your LIFETIME Online Access to the “Ultimate Recruitment, Retention, and Team Culture Program"?

11 Core Modules
Instantly Available Online in Video and Audio Format

MODULE ONE – INTRODUCTION - How to Get the Most Out of the Program
In this module you and your management team will learn:
- How to “get out of the weeds” of recruitment so you can increase profits and free yourself from the day to day running of your health business.
- Why “Traditional Recruitment” is outdated and ineffective in the new recruitment economy and how this new recruitment system ensures accountability, supports business growth, and maximizes profits.
- Eliminate micromanagement, reduce stress, and stop the negative financial impact of poor recruitment and onboarding protocols with a step-by-step hiring and retention system.
-  Why 95% of companies admit to expensive mis-hires each year and how stopping each mis-hire before it happens saves you more than 30% of that team members yearly salary.
- How a poorly chosen employee can sour a great workplace culture, reduce profits, and negatively impact the performance of previously fantastic team members.

MODULE TWO – Getting Ready to Hire - How to Guarantee You Hire the Right Person at the Right Time
In this module you and your management team will learn:
- The exact metrics and KPI’s the best health businesses in the world use to determine the correct time to time a new therapist or admin team member.
- The top 8 recruitment and hiring mistakes made by health business owners and how TWO of them can place you at serious risk of litigation and cost you crippling legal fees.
- Why conventional job descriptions lead to expensive miscommunication and employee dissatisfaction – and what to use instead to guarantee a stress-free hiring process for everyone.
- How to make the dreaded “performance review” meeting totally obsolete while creating a positive and profitable team culture.
- The difference between “tasks” and “competencies” and how understanding this difference instantly improves team culture, increases staff compliance, and reduces team turnover.

MODULE THREE – The Job Scorecard - Creating Clear Expectation that Drive Accountability and Ensure Compliance
In this module you and your management team will learn:
- How to get 100% compliance and accountability from every employee with simple documents which define each team members role.
- The biggest single mistake health business owners make when creating their team members job descriptions, which instantly reduces trust, confidence and buy in from potential applicants.
- The 3 types of work-related behaviors and how understanding and defining these set you up for long term hiring success.
- How to document and define your exact expectations for every team member in their first 30, 60 and 90 days of employment, ensuring a successful recruitment and onboarding process
- Save hours of time and increase team compliance, morale, and retention with our templates for creating completed job scorecards for each position in your business.

MODULE FOUR – Bait the Hook - Crafting Your Recruiting Strategies to Attract the Ideal Candidate
In this module you and your management team will learn:
- How to create compelling job advertisements guaranteed to fill your business with ideal applicants.
- The 4 words you must use with current team members which makes them want to do your recruitment work for you.
- How to create a dynamic and inspiring careers page on your website which instantly makes an applicant want to “walk over burning coals” to join your team.
- The 5 key components of a job advert which makes potential applicants say: “I want this position”.
- Exact examples of successful job adverts and how to package the applicants wage and salary package so a potential team member never chooses based on money again.

MODULE FIVE – Pre-Interview Screening Secrets - How to Stop Wasting Time on Unsuitable Applicants
In this module you and your management team will learn:
- How to create a structured pre interview process so you never waste time with an unsuitable applicant again.
- How to objectively assess every applicant and remove the guesswork, stress, and risk from your hiring process with a recruitment pathway.
- Why the applicant’s resume is highly overrated and the TWO secret forms all applicants must fill in which instantly reveal if they will be a great team member, or an expensive mis-hire.
- The 5 exact questions you MUST use in your pre interview phone screens to instantly identify if the applicant is the right person for your practice – and who to avoid.
- How to recognize the tone and voice speech patterns which reveal the true character and suitability of a potential applicant before you waste time with a face-to-face interview.

MODULE SIX – The Truth About Reference Checks - How to Get Other People to Do the Recruiting Work for You
In this module you and your management team will learn:
- The FIVE questions you MUST ask all previous employers which tell you instantly if the applicant is a potential nightmare team member.
- How to structure the perfect reference check phone call so you get the past employer to do most of your recruiting for you.
- How to use our reference check video role play examples to remove the risk from every new hire.
- How to identify the unspoken messages from a past employer which instantly warn you to avoid employing this potentially destructive team member.
- The 5 questions you must NEVER ask an applicant’s past employer which could put you at legal risk.

MODULE SEVEN – The Onsite Interview - How to Conduct the Perfect Interview Which Identifies the Applicants True Character and Eliminates Expensive Mis-Hires
In this module you and your management team will learn:
- How to deliver a “WOW” interview experience which makes the applicant committed, and even desperate, to work in your practice even if you are not offering the highest wage.
- How getting your team involved in the hiring process dramatically increases the chance of identifying and converting an applicant into a productive long term team member.
- The FIVE questions you MUST ask in every onsite interview which instantly identify high performers.
- Why 90% of onsite interviews fail to correctly identify poor performers.
- How to identify the SIX green and SIX red flags which reveal great team members and alert you to potentially destructive team members.

MODULE EIGHT - Conversion Masterclass - How to Guarantee the Applicant Accepts Your Offer So You Never Lose Another Ideal Candidate Again
In this module you and your management team will learn:
- How to structure your offer so you are guaranteed to “seal the deal” with every applicant you identify as a great addition to your team.
- A simple trick which instantly stops the applicant from looking elsewhere and playing you off against other potential employers for more money, better conditions, or their preferred roster.
- How to use the “Five Major Timepoints System” to dramatically improve your chances of a great team member joining your organization.
- Eliminate the pain and frustration of an applicant verbally accepting a position, only to contact you two days before their start date to say they will no longer be joining your team.
- The FIVE opportunities you MUST use to make your practice the preferred employer, regardless of the wages and conditions of your position.

MODULE NINE - Exceptional Onboarding - How to Ensure a Perfect Transition from New Hire to Superstar
In this module you and your management team will learn:
- Why only 12% of new employees feel they have been onboarded well into a new position and how to improve your induction process to ensure long term retention and loyalty.
- How to implement a highly structured onboarding process which leads to higher job satisfaction, improved performance, less turnover and reduced stress for both the team member and the owner.
- The FIVE questions all new team members MUST be asked in the first 30 days which predict if they are going to be a long-term team member or an expensive mis-hire.
- The difference between onboarding and induction, and how understanding this can dramatically improve team culture and guarantee a successful and profitable new hire.
- The FIVE essential steps to a successful onboarding experience which generates unparalleled loyalty and job satisfaction from a new recruit.
- The exact pre-start and orientation emails, checklists, documents, itineraries, and phone scripts you can instantly implement into your business to guarantee the team member not only “arrives” on day one, but “thrives” from day one.

MODULE TEN - Retention Secrets - How to Keep Ideal Team Members Forever
In this module you and your management team will learn:
- The 5 factors which lead to employee retention and why team training is just not enough to keep your top performers engaged and profitable for the long term.
- Why staff turnover is so high in the first 12 months and exactly what to do to prevent your business becoming a “revolving door” of therapists and admin team members.
- How to prevent expensive team turnover by recognising and addressing the SEVEN reasons why people leave healthcare positions.
- The key reasons why people STAY in a position and how to structure a systematic and reproducible long term retention strategy that keeps quality team members in your organisation for decades.
- Why increasing wages DOES NOT encourage long term retention and how to effectively structure your wage system to promote long term team loyalty.
- How to understand, motivate and retain Baby Boomers, Gen X’s, Millennials and Gen Z team members – without feeling frustrated or judgemental.

MODULE ELEVEN - Program Overview - Rinse and Repeat So You Never Worry About the Pain of Recruitment Again
In this module you and your management team will learn:
- How to put the full program together so your team can run 90% of your recruitment for you.
- How to never worry about a team member leaving again
- The keys to creating a recruitment system which guarantees a consistent flow of ideal team members through your health business.

The “Ultimate Recruitment, Retention and Team Culture Program” also includes...

- A “Fill-In-The-Blanks” manual for you or your manager to complete as you make their way through the core modules.

- An Extensive List of Done-For-You Examples and Resources: 

  • Pre-Hire Checklists – to remove the stress of each new hiring process.
  • Sample Recruitment Adverts – to attract ideal applicants.
  • Phone Interview Scripts – so you never waste time with an unsuitable applicant again.
  • On-site Interview Scripts – to guarantee each applicant is a great fit.
  • Reference Check Scripts – so the past employer does the recruitment work for you.
  • Employment History Forms – to get a clear picture of the applicant’s past employment.
  • Career Goals Forms – to improve retention and find the right fit candidate.
  • Job Scorecard Templates and Checklists – to ensure every team member knows exactly what is expected of them.
  • Red and Green Flag Templates – so you only recruit ideal team members.
  • Questions to Avoid When Interviewing – to reduce legal risk and identify high performers.
  • On-Site Interview Itineraries – to identify talent and create a memorable first impression.
  • Letters of Intent (Offer Letter) – to seal the deal with potential applicants.
  • First 30, 60, and 90 Day Scorecards – to ensure the applicant is the correct fit for your business.
  • Onboarding Emails and Checklists – to guarantee a great cultural fit.
  • “Stay Interview” Meeting Outlines – to reduce expensive resignations and miscommunication.
  • Retention Strategy Program – to keep team members happy, productive, and profitable for years to come.
Click HERE to Order your "Ultimate Recruitment, Retention and Team Culture Program" for a one off payment of $AUS2,497 or approx $US1,673.
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Total ONLY $AUS2,597 or approx $US1,740.
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And to Guarantee You Receive Every Secret to Attracting and Retaining the Best Therapists and Admin Team Members, We’re Including...

23 BONUS Recordings from the World's Leading Health Business Owners, Recruitment Experts and Team Culture Gurus

NOTE - These bonus sessions were recorded specifically for the "Ultimate Recruitment Program" and ARE NOT included in any of Paul's other programs or summits.

The Bonus Sessions Include:

Celia Champion – “How to Use Corporate Hiring Secrets to Turbocharge Your Health Business Hiring and Retention”

Celia Champion

Click HERE for Celia's full bio

In this session with Celia, you and your recruitment team will learn:
- Where health professionals in the UK are finding talent and how to convert these leads into ideal team members.
- How one successful health business owner generated 7 highly suitable applicants from LinkedIn and what we can learn from this example.
- The super stealth “Taxi Driver” protocol which identifies if applicants are suitable for your business –before the applicant even arrives for the interview.
- 4 reasons why a team member is underperforming and why only one of these reasons should lead to terminating their position.
- How to structure a partnership agreement that guarantees a win/win for all parties

Gwen Espie and Lizzie Morrison (Employsure) - How to Let a Team Member Go and Not End Up in Court

Gwen Lizzie

Click HERE for Gwen and Lizzie full bio

In this session with Gwen and Lizzie, you and your recruitment team will learn:

  • The 2 reasons you can legally use to dismiss a team member and how not following the correct termination process opens you up for an unfair dismissal claim.
  • How Paul put his business at legal risk by demanding a “death certificate” from a sick worker.
  • The truth about “unfair dismissal” and the much more serious problem owners need to be aware of which can possibly close your business.
  • How one employer was awarded over $5 Million in damages and the lesson for all business owners from this case.
  • The facts about redundancy, sick leave, contracts, leave loading and the steps you must take to move a team member on due to a change in the business structure or patient volume.

Neil Fairley - The Truth About Contractor V’s Employees What All Health Business Owners MUST Know (Updated)


Click HERE for Neil's full bio

In this session with Neil, you and your recruitment team will learn:
- How the majority of “contractors” in many health businesses are not really contractors at all and the expensive consequences of making this hiring mistake.
- How replicate the contractor system using by large medical centers in your practice without raising suspicion from the tax office or case chasing lawyers.
- How to convert your contractors to employees without opening yourself up for legal and tax issues.
- Why 97.5% of all contractor agreements are putting the health business owner at risk of litigation.
- How one business was forced to pay 20 years of backdated entitlements to past contractors – with one of the contractors being paid $350,000.

Tyson Franklin - How to Use a Scholarship Model to Attract Ideal Therapists - Even to a Regional Practice


Click HERE for Tyson's full bio

In this session with Tyson, you and your recruitment team will learn:
- How to “sell the sizzle” of your position so applicants choose to work with you even you’re not the highest paying option.
- Why bonus systems do not work and how to structure a renumeration model which rewards performance and keeps an even playing field.
- Why Tyson let a team member go in just 6 minutes, and how this disaster can improve your recruitment systems.
- How Tyson filled his practice with great therapists – even though his clinics were in remote areas.
- The simple way to analyze applicants’ social media profiles to quickly determine if they are a good fit for your practice.

Brian Gallagher - How to Use the MEG Academy Five Phase Hiring Process to Attract and Recruit Ideal Applicants


Click HERE for Brian's full bio

In this session with Brian, you and your recruitment team will learn:
- How to break through the “social veneer” of every applicant and get to the real person applying for the position.
- The truth about hiring recruitment companies and how to avoid getting ripped off by recruitment businesses.
- The 3 words which position you as the employer of choice and lead to instant buy in from the applicant to your systems and processes.
- The problems with partnerships and the 3 better options which give a win/win to all parties without the stress and legal issues of conventional partnership agreements.
- The exact script Brian uses when offering a position to an applicant so he never gets compared on wages or conditions.

Michael Griffiths - How to Recruit and Train Walking/Talking Billboards for Your Health Business That NEVER Want to Leave


Click HERE for Michael's full bio

In this session with Michael, you and your recruitment team will learn:
- Why you may not actually need more team members at all and the decision you need to make when determining the correct staffing levels for your business.
- The first person you should employ in your business and why they are so important.
- The big mistake health business owners make when using outsourced/remote admin team members and call centers.
- Why an applicants’ past experience in an allied health practice IS NOT important when recruiting your next admin person and what to look for instead to identify exceptional front desk potential.
- How to create a culture of fun and positivity in your health business and how to teach people to be walking billboards for your practice.

Ted Jedynak - How to Keep Your Team Members Happy, Profitable and Productive So They Stay with You for a Decade or More


Click HERE for Ted's full bio

In this session with Ted, you and your recruitment team will learn:
- The importance of core values and how to guarantee a potential applicants’ core values align with yours.
- How to use the “Don’t Smile till November” business principal to ensure team member compliance and success.
- How to leverage new graduate therapists to seem like absolute veterans so the patient does not care which therapist they are treated by.
-The 3 things all patients want and how Ted was able to deliver these to his clients in only 15 minutes per session.
- How Ted was able to keep his team members for 10-15 years and the strategies you can use in your practice to keep your team happy and productive

Steve Jensen - From Interrogation to Conversation – How to Structure Your Interviews to Uncover the Real Applicant and Reduce Expensive Mis-Hires


Click HERE for Steve's full bio

In this session with Steve, you and your recruitment team will learn:
- How to use your partners to do your recruitment work for you and the big mistake many owners make when asking for partners to assist with your recruitment
- How to use an “attractment” process NOT a “recruitment” process to fill your business with ideal team members.
-Why team members leave a “manager” and not a “job” and how you can use this knowledge to increase retention.
- How to use “BAM’s” to measure, reward and pay all team members so you maximize profits and still keep your team motivated.
-Why bonus structures can do more harm than good, and how to structure your remuneration packages to ensure your team stay profitable and productive.

Rick Lau - Recruitment and Retention Lessons from Growing to 147 Locations and 1400 Employees


Click HERE for Rick's full bio

In this session with Rick, you and your recruitment team will learn:
- How to determine the “sweet spot of profitability” when determining the correct number of team members for your health business.
-The exact process Rick uses to find the “skeletons in the closet” of potential applicants and reduce expensive hiring mistakes.
- The one simple question Rick uses in his interviews which instantly reveals the applicants core character and suitability for the position.
- How Rick structures his teams renumeration packages and bonuses to generate unheard of levels of team loyalty.
- How to use Rick’s “Heliski System” so applicants become unconcerned about the wage and salary you offer employees in your practice.

Aaron LeBauer - How to Never Waste Time Interviewing Unsuitable Applicants Again


Click HERE for Aaron's full bio

In this session with Aaron, you and your recruitment team will learn:
- How to reduce friction and stress between owner and team member and the big team management mistake owners make that always ends in tears.
- Aarons bulletproof applicant sequence which eliminates time wasting interviews.
-The simple 7 word question which instantly red flags an applicant as being unsuitable for Aarons clinic.
- The simple video Aaron gets all applicants to send him before the interview which reveals the therapists’ technical skill and suitability instantly.
- How owners are successfully finding, rewarding, and incentivizing therapists in the USA – so everyone wins.

Nicola McLennan - How to Use the Internet and Social Media to Identify and Recruit Ideal Team Members for Your Health Business


Click HERE for Nicola's full bio

In this session with Nicola, you and your recruitment team will learn:
- Why patients only wanted to see Nicola and the simple strategy she used to turn this around so patients do not care which therapist they’re treated by.
- The 2 KPI’s you MUST measure for each team member, so you know instantly if they are underperforming in your business.
- Why Seek, Indeed and My Career are NOT the best way to find health professionals in certain fields and the better alternative for many owners to find ideal applicants.
- How to use Facebook and LinkedIn to attract ideal team members to your business.
-The one personality type you need to avoid at all costs and how Nicola learnt this valuable lesson in her health business.

Dr Chris Milkie - The Truth About Wages, Bonus and Partnership Options in Health Care


Click HERE for Chris's full bio

In this session with Chris, you and your recruitment team will learn:
- Where to find the “Hidden Money” in your health business to dramatically increase profits and give you time away from the practice.
- How to set up and structure partnership options to keep great team members and the mistakes many owners make when offering partnerships which often leads to expensive legal action.
- How to get out of a bad partnership without wasting thousands on legal fees and losing control of your business.
- The 5 D’s- of partnerships and how to avoid the most common partnership disasters in health care businesses.
-The key metrics Chris uses to determine exactly when he needs another therapist, so he is always maximally profitable and never hiring out of desperation.

Vance Morris - How to Use Disney’s “Cast Member” Recruitment, Culture and Retention Secrets to Grow Your Health Business


Click HERE for Vance's full bio

In this session with Vance, you and your recruitment team will learn:
- How to easily adapt the Disney recruitment system to dramatically improve the success of your recruitment and retention program
- How to create a dedicated recruitment website and landing page for your recruitment program – just like Disney does.
- The secret strategy Vance uses to eliminate over 90% of unsuitable applicants so he never wastes time with poorly qualified applicants
- How Disney “Puts the Disney Magic” into every new cast member which guarantees all team members share and understand the traditions of Disney.
- How Disney are able to get incredible team retention – even though they often pay well below what Disney’s competitors are paying their team members.

Lorcan O’Donaile - How to Use Your Local Universities to Create an Endless Supply of Exceptional Team Members


Click HERE for Lorcan's full bio

In this session with Lorcan, you and your recruitment team will learn:
- The exact mentor program Lorcan uses to induct his students and determine who will be offered a job interview and who will not at the end of their placement.
- How Lorcan was able to fill his therapy roster without regular advertising – in fact – in the last 8 years he only placed one therapist advert.
- Why having busy therapists can actually reduce your practice profitability and what you need to do to ensure profitability is maintained in your practice.
- How Lorcan received 292 job applications and filtered it down to the 8 best applicants to interviews using one simple step.
- Lorcans “7, 30, 89” system he uses to determine if he is going to fire a team member and how you can use this in your health business to make sure you do not keep unsuitable team members longer than you should.

Jamey Schrier - How to Use the “Right Fit Hire Process” to Attract, Recruit and Retain Ideal Team Members


Click HERE for Jamey's full bio

In this session with Jamey, you and your recruitment team will learn:
- Why Jamey hired and fired 25 employees in a single 12 Month period – even though he had only had a full-time staff of six.
- How you can predict the 80% of applicants who will not be suitable for your business – and how to use this secret strategy in your hiring process.
- How Jamey developed a new grad into his most productive team member in less than 60 days – and the mistake most health business owners make when setting targets for new grad team members.
- Why hiring “Rockstars” is a mistake for most health business owners and who to recruit instead, which will give you a much greater chance of long-term success
- How to identify team members who come with “batteries included” and why you should hire for character and train for skill if you want to build a champion team.

Nick Schuster - How to Use Facebook (and Other Platforms) to Attract and Recruit Ideal Team Members


Click HERE for Nick's full bio

In this session with Nick, you and your recruitment team will learn:
- The single worst time to hire and how most owners get their timing wrong– leading to financial stress and poor work/life balance.
- The difference between “Headhunting” and “Hiring” and why knowing this can make a dramatic impact to your recruitment success.
- How to identify and target ideal therapists and admin team members for your business – even if they are currently not looking for a job.
- How to use a super stealth Facebook strategy to let social media do your recruitment work for you.
- How to structure your mentor program so you become the obvious and only choice for many applicants

Jason Smith – Essential Hiring and Onboarding Hacks Which Free You from the Pain of Expensive Mis-Hires and Poor Retention Rates


Click HERE for Jason's full bio

In this session with Jason, you and your recruitment team will learn:
- The 2 recruitment philosophies Jason uses to fill his 100 plus clinics with great team members who all share the same culture of excellence.
-The simple XY axis you can use to determine if a team member can be saved from firing and what you can do to help the underperforming team member improve their performance using this system.
- How to defuse the wage bomb so you never get compared on wage when recruiting great team members
- How to use the power of intuition to put the odds in your favour when it comes to recruitment and retaining the best team members
- Why Jason hired and fired both his mother and his mother in law and how you can successfully employ family and friends in your health business without blowing up your family.

Alison Taylor - How to Use a Room Rental Model to Reduce Hiring Stress and Increase Your Business Freedom


Click HERE for Alison's full bio

In this session with Alison, you and your recruitment team will learn:
- Why running a tech business with over 180 employees is easier than running a small health practice with 3 therapists and how to ease your stress by using a room rental model.
- Why some owners are paying their team members up to 80% of gross and how to avoid getting caught up in the wage increase spiral.
- Exactly how to set up and run a room rental model in your health business including what’s included, rosters and marketing the tenants services.
- How to determine if a tenant would be a good fit for your business so you don’t get stuck with an unreliable and brand damaging tenant.
- The secret tenant attraction system which guarantees a flood of potential and ideal tenants for your room rental model.

Greg Todd - How to Create a Culture Which Makes Team Members Want to be at Work More Than They Want to Be at Home


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In this session with Greg, you and your recruitment team will learn:
- The exact music, entertainment and environment that creates a memorable experience for all staff and patients in Greg’s practice.
- The secret strategy Greg uses with new grad applicants which almost guarantees they will come and work for him if Greg thinks they are a great fit.
- The bonus plan system Greg used which nearly sent him to the wall – plus the exact profit share model he now uses which dramatically increased his clinic profits and team morale.
- Why your freedom as a health business owner is always on the other side of a difficult conversation, and how to make these conversations a win/win for all parties.
- What health business owners can steal from WWE wresting to develop a culture of fun and energy in their businesses.

Jason Wambold - How to Use a Shared Risk Compensation Model to Increase Productivity, Create an Ownership Mentality, and Guarantee Practice Growth for All


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In this session with Jason, you and your recruitment team will learn:
- How a huge college debt led to the development of a totally new wage and salary model which motivated and rewarded great team members.
- Why current wage and bonus models are fundamentally flawed and what to use instead to grow your business profits and increase team performance.
- How the average shared risk model user is able to increase revenue by over 35% in a 12 Month period and how you can do the same in your health business.
- The only circumstance in which you should pay your therapists more than 35% of gross and how one owner was paying his team 150% of what the practice was billing -PLUS what he did to turn this around.
- How to successfully transition your team to a shared risk compensation model so all team members win, and you are never again asked by a team member for a wage rise.

Trish Wisbey-Roth - How to Get Patients to be Treated by Your Team Members and NOT Just Want to See You


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In this session with Trish, you and your recruitment team will learn:
- How Trish was able to run her practice remotely with the team maintaining a full clinical load – even from overseas.
-Trish big failure when hiring new grads and how to find ideal new graduate team members for your health business.
- The exact system Trish used which led to the patients happy, and even requesting to see her other therapists and not wait for Trish.
- How one professional rugby league team in Australia was happy to send their elite players to Trish’s clinic – even though they knew Trish was not going to be the main therapist – she even did many of these elite sessions from home using telehealth.
- The self-limiting belief which subconsciously stops most owners from stepping back and leaves you chained to your health business forever.

Darryl Yardley - How to Never Again Compete on Wage (or %) When Recruiting Ideal Team Members


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In this session with Darryl, you and your recruitment team will learn:
- From 1 to 150 locations – how to grow your practice to multi-site and multi therapist without sacrificing your lifestyle or profit margin.
- Exactly how to build a bench of possible future team members and the spreadsheet you MUST have in your health business to ensure you never hire out of desperation.
- The two essential videos you MUST get from your current team which instantly positions you as the preferred employer and keeps you from paying overs for a new applicant
- How to know in the first 2 days if you have made a mistake with your hiring process and what you need to do to dramatically improve your recruitment success.
- The wage and salary model Darryl uses to remove all animosity and worry from his owners and from his therapists which guarantees a positive and profitable culture.

Practiceology CEO Roundtable Recording with Paul Wright

As an extra bonus we included a recording of one of Paul Wright’s high level Practiceology™ CEO Roundtable sessions – where VIP clients in Paul’s flagship program, shared their own recruitment and retention secrets.


In this session with Paul Wright and his VIP Practiceology™ clients, you and your recruitment team will learn:
- How to identify your business superpower and how this can dramatically improve your recruitment and retention success.
- How to use the concept of “ZOPA” when structuring the wage deal of potential therapists and ensure you don’t waste your time interviewing unsuitable applicants.
- The number one culture initiative guaranteed to get your team members motivated and how to use the “Rose, Bud and Thorn” exercise to get exceptional team buy in.
- Why Paul fired a team member who was underperforming and how he was forced to call this guy back and offer him the job again.
- How to manage your “salary cap” to ensure your business remains profitable even when you need to pay higher than usual wages to some team members.

Wrighty is a Goose Guarantee

For those new to Paul and Judy’s materials and programs, you always have the safety and security of the "Wrighty is a Goose Guarantee".

If the “Ultimate Recruitment, Retention and Team Culture Program” doesn’t increase your profits, reduce your recruitment hassles, and improve the productivity of your therapy and admin team… then anytime in the first 90 days, simply email us for a full refund.

Just contact us at  we will cancel your access and refund your money straight away.

No Drama – No Risk

SUMMARY of the “Ultimate Recruitment, Retention and Team Culture Program:

You and Your Management Team Receive Instant and Lifetime Online Access to...

  1. 11 Core Modules with Judy Cirullo
  2. “Fill in the Blanks” Manual for the Core Modules
  3. Training and Resources from 23 World Leading Health Business Owners and Recruitment Experts
  4. CEO Recruiting Roundtable from members of Paul’s Practiceology™ Mentor Program.
  5. Documents & Written Materials including sample job adverts, position descriptions, interview outlines guaranteed to save you countless hours and reduce your hiring mistakes.

How to Get the Best Results from The Ultimate Recruitment, Retention and Team Culture Program:

We appreciate that people learn in a variety of ways - so we have done our best to give you every option - ie MP4 (video), MP3 (audio) and written resources.

However, we believe you will get the most out of the program by taking the following steps - in this order - remember - there is more than one option:

Step One - Take a few moments to browse over the material and familiarize yourself with the contents of the program - including all MP4's, MP3's and written material.

Step Two - Print out copies of the "ULTIMATE RECRUITMENT, RETENTION and TEAM CULTURE MANUAL" - and use this to guide your progress through the program.

If you are putting your managers and senior team members through this program (highly advisable if you have a larger practice and want team members to assist you in your recruitment process), give a copy of the manual to each of your team along with their online program logins - with strict instructions to use the videos and audios to complete the manual.

Tip - Many health business owners give a blank manual to each of their managers - with the team members required to return the completed manual in one to two week's time.

YES, this program licenses you to print as many copies of the "ULTIMATE RECRUITMENT, RETENTION and TEAM CULTURE MANUAL" as you need for your managers and team members. This is an additional value that could cost thousands of dollars anywhere else.

Step Three - at the end of program your team should have completed the "Fill in the Blanks" manual. We suggest you then schedule a time to review the completed workbook and discuss items raised with your manager or recruitment team.

NOTE – Smart owners also use access to this program as a recruitment tool – an added training resource they provide for new team members and managers who are looking for extra training in recruitment, retention, and team culture.

An incredibly effective and cost-effective team training and recruitment program.

What Sort of Value Does the "Ultimate Recruitment, Retention and team Culture Program" Represent for a Health Business Owner?

Paul and Judy

If Paul and Judy were to present this program live to you and your team at your clinic - our current fee for a one or two day training seminar is in the order of $30,000 - not including our travel costs (from Australia and the USA), accommodation and other expenses.

And that is for a One-Off seminar event- so not for your future team members.

PLUS - You will NEVER get the other 23 expert speakers at the same live event.

Perhaps the Real Question is “What is the Potential Cost of a Mis-Hire in Your Health Business?

Let’s consider the following facts - brace yourself - it is scary reading.

# If your well selected therapy team could prevent just one missed appointment per day in a 2-therapist clinic (by establishing better rapport, making reminder calls or being a better fit for your practice) - you could make an extra $35,000 a year in potential income.

# If a new admin team member, who you failed to correctly screen when they applied for the position, get a good client offside - says the wrong thing - or fails to develop rapport effectively - which leads to just one client a week choosing not to use your clinic - you could lose over $100,000 a year in potential income.

# If your therapists fail to complete the correct paperwork for just one insurance client (because you failed to pick up in the interview their poor attention to detail) - you could lose $550 a month or $6600 a year in potential income.

# If your therapists or admin team fail to make a booking for just 4 borderline clients to your business each week (due to some deep seeded concern about the price of your consultations which the correct interview questions would have identified) - you could lose you over $120,000 a year in potential income.

# If your therapists fail to make a re-booking for just 2 current clients a day who were undecided or confused (due to the therapist saying silly things such as "give us a call if you need us") - you could lose over $37,000 a year in potential income.

# If you waste 20 hours of your valuable time placing adverts that do not work, doing interviews with unsuitable applicants or training a new team member – only to eventually find out they are totally unsuitable for your practice – you could lose over $50,000 a year in potential revenue.                   

# If a poorly chosen team member launches legal action against your business for unpaid entitlements caused by sloppy recruitment systems – you could be up for legal fees and payouts of over $100,000.

# If a disgruntled team member takes legal action for unfair dismissal or makes an unfounded allegation to your professional regulator out of spite (both of which have happened to health business owners recently) – you could spend hundreds of hours of time and $100,000 PLUS in legal fees – just to defend these cases.

Click HERE to Order your "Ultimate Recruitment, Retention and Team Culture Program" for a one off payment of $AUS2,497 or approx $US1,673.
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Total ONLY $AUS2,597 or approx $US1,740.
Click above for your Preferred Order Option NOW!!

What More Health Professionals Said About Other Paul Wright and Judy Cirullo Programs:

“I don’t know where I would be or what I would be doing right now without Judy’s guidance. Her help has been invaluable to my career.”

Caleb Anderson – Midwest Physical Therapy

“If you want to achieve success at a new level, Judy’s program is life-changing.

Shondra Holliday – Lane County Medical Society

A Tremendous Value Add to My Practice!

“My accountant actually rang me last week and asked what I had been doing in the business because the profits had increased so much.”

Alex Gazis-Morris Health Business Owner – Physiotherapy / Fitness / Pilates

Massive Return on Investment

“Paul has been where I am as a health business owner – he has been in the trenches so he was the perfect choice for me as a coach. I have seen massive return on investment from being part of Paul’s program – not only in financial terms but in business confidence and quality of life.”

Jerome Finkelstein Health Business Owner – Physiotherapy / Pilates

My Business Went to a New Level

“I had taken my health business as far as I could on my own – but Paul helped me take the business to a whole new level.”

Justin Blake Health Business Owner – Podiatry - UK

I Have Reduced My Hours Significantly and the Business Has Not Missed a Beat

“Paul's program has been a great help and my health business. Although I had a practice with good revenue and plenty of work, I was still busy working 50-60 hours per week. Pauls program gave me the confidence and best practice approach for reducing my hours to less than 30 per week allowing me to spend more time with my family. In this time, the business has continued along its path of growth and hasn't missed a beat. Thanks Paul, for spending your time helping other health professionals achieve their life goals through their business, it really is a worthwhile cause.”

Anthony Belcher Physiotherapist and Business Owner - Melbourne, Australia

Exact scripts!

“The fact we have been given the exact scripts and they there to be implemented instantly makes this an invaluable program.”

Andrew Rivet - Health Business Owner

What Attendees of Past Live Events said:

"Spectacular - I Loved It - Within the First Hour I Learnt Enough to Make Me an Extra $20,000 Lise Danecker, Physiotherapist.

Why didn't I find this guy 15 years ago - I now know how to put everything into my practice to make my health business hum, quit working quite so hard in my business so I can work more on my business and start to realize the profits” Dr Cherye Roche - Chiropractor - New Zealand

“Three years ago I came across one of Paul’s videos and I have since gone from a single practitioner business to having a thriving business with eleven professionals. So come to his course - listen and learn - you will never regret it.” Albert Nakla - Owner of Pro-Fit Physio and Allied Health Centre

"Realize what you suspected about your business & get the strategies to rectify it. As much as I hate to admit it Wrighty knowsBarry, Physiotherapist

"Clear, concise and simple. It all makes perfect sense – so why am I not doing this??" Travis, Physiotherapist

"Very good content, especially regarding front desk skillsPeter, Health Professional

"Good breakdown of simple steps to re-charge practice procedures tomorrowAmanda, Massage Therapist

"I come away with a fresh approach to increasing my profits for my businessSharon, Personal Trainer

"Found it a confident & insightful seminar. Good combination of business methods, practical advice in an easy to understand formatPaula, Osteopath

"Excellent delivery. Valuable information gained. Very impressedDave, Massage Therapist

"This session brings together & packages everything we think we already know and everything we think we were doing but really are not! A good kick in the bum!Grant, Sports Therapist

"Great Food for thought! Really practical stuff! Well worth itTony, Podiatrist

"This should be a part of the University Physio/Health Professional courseIan, Physiotherapist