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TEN Health Business Recruitment Mistakes Which Can Cost You More than $100,000 and What to Do About It

with Paul Wright

Paul Wright

In this 53 minute presentation, created specifically for allied health business owners, Paul will share:

- Why conventional job descriptions lead to expensive miscommunication and employee dissatisfaction – and what to use instead to guarantee a stress-free hiring process for everyone.

- How to create a dynamic and inspiring careers page on your website which instantly makes an applicant want to “walk over burning coals” to join your team.

- Why he fired a team member who was under-performing and how he was forced to call this guy back and offer him the job again.

- How to “sell the sizzle” of your position so applicants choose to work with you even you’re not the highest paying option.

- How to leverage new graduate therapists to seem like absolute veterans so the patient does not care which therapist they are treated by.

- How to use “BAM’s” to measure, reward and pay all team members so you maximize profits and still keep your team motivated.

- How to use one experts “Heli-ski System” to make applicants unconcerned about the wage and salary you offer then to join  your practice.

- The simple video task all applicants need to send you before the interview which reveals the applicants technical skill and suitability instantly.

- How one ultra-successful health business owner fills his therapy roster without regular advertising – in fact – in the last 8 years he only placed one therapist advert.

- Why current wage and bonus models are fundamentally flawed and what to use instead to grow your business profits and increase team performance.

- How to get patients to be treated by your team members and NOT just want to see you.

- How to plug-in our templates, resources, and training so your team can run 90% of your recruitment for you and guarantee a consistent flow of ideal team members to your health business.

About Paul Wright

Paul Wright is a Physiotherapist and former owner of multiple allied health clinics in Australia (which he rarely visited). He is the author of the Amazon Best Seller "How to Run a One Minute Practice", founder of the "Practiceology™ health business freedom program and has helped thousands of allied health business owners across 57 countries, earn more, work less and enjoy their lives.