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DID YOU KNOW: Referral Marketing is the Single Most Powerful and Cost Effective Way to Market ANY Business - Yet 97% of Businesses (and 99% of Health Businesses) DO NOT Have a Consistent Referral Marketing Plan in Place.

That's Why You and Your Team Need:

"The Ultimate Health Business Referral System - How to Quadruple Your Referrals in 30 Days or Less"

WATCH THIS SHORT VIDEO to Find Our More About How the "Ultimate Health Business Referral System" Can Grow Your Business

'Done-For-You' Referral Generation Training for Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Osteopathic, Podiatry, Dental, Medical and Other Allied Health Practices
Imagine if you and your team were able to generate an endless supply of referrals to your health business daily, growing your networks with the right people and creating powerful partnerships and opportunities like never before.

This is EXACTLY what we will show you and your team in this incredible program.

This comprehensive team system featuring health business expert Paul Wright and referral marketing guru - Michael Griffiths - will give you a complete health business referral and partnership system - with every single step broken down and implemented into your business for years to come.

These are the exact same systems and processes Paul and Michael have used in their own businesses to generate 400+ partners, 10,000+ leads and millions of dollars in sales.

Just Imagine if you were shown exactly how to have:
  • Referral partners that give YOU business every day.
  • Referral partners that open up new doors & opportunities for you daily.
  • A System where strategic referral partners promote you at all times.
  • A System where you ran cross promotions with other people who had your target audience weekly.
  • A Process which engages with your networks, social media platforms and everyone around you to bring YOU even more new business.
How much would it be worth to you to have business partners sending you an endless supply of referrals daily?

Here is Some of What is Covered in this Referral Generation Training Program Specifically Designed for Health Business Owners

Build 'REAL' Referral Partner Networks
You will learn how to build 'real' referral & strategic partners that pass you business weekly. That open up new doors for you and speak about your business to others daily. There are several elements that we need to make sure happen immediately.
Create Cross Promotion Funnels
You will see how to build cross promotion funnels for partners to promote. This means qualified leads daily coming into your pipeline.
Engage With Your Community
Engagement on steroids is what we call it! There is no point having a database, social media platforms or networks UNLESS you are engaging with them (and no not through a newsletter). This will explode your business immediately and you will be amazed at how simple it is.
Increase Consultations through Affiliates
There are people right now wanting to create clients for you. We will help you find them and set up the process so that you build on going affiliate networks of new sellers for your business. More affiliates means more consultations with no effort on your behalf.
Get a 'REAL' Return from Social Media
Social Media (boring...) UNLESS you are tapping into the thousands of fan pages, groups and networks that have your target audience just sitting there, waiting for you to speak to them. 99% of people have no idea of the 'power' of social media when used for referrals and partnerships.
Turn All This Into Easy to Follow Plans & Structures
Everything you learn how to do is systemized with structure, processes, plans & templates. All the how to's so you could get anyone in your team- therapists, admin team members, an assistant or anyone else to do this ongoing for you. Forever!

What Other Professionals said about "The Ultimate Health Business Referral System" and the live seminar - which the DVD and CD Package is Based On:

"It was your best one yet - extremely applicable"
Nicholas Young - Physiotherapist

"I love this program - it made me think outside the square in terms of referral marketing. The content is current and provided a huge number of actionable strategies to use straight away"
Marcia Teperman - Pilates Instructor and Wellbeing Consultant.

"Excellent content on systematizing the processes needed to improve your businesses referral generation potential. Excellent - highly recommended to all health business owners"
Gerard Lohen - Owner Benchmark Physiotherapy

"Suddenly online and social media marketing does not seem so intimidating"
Louise O'Brien - Physiotherapist

"Great value - will improve my business enormously"
Daniel Fitzpatrick - Podiatrist

"Paul and Michael were amazingly generous with their knowledge. I need to get going on building this Linked In profile so I can actually engage. Excellent content - clear, actionable steps to follow and implement immediately - great relevance to all health businesses"
Mitch de Mestre - Physiotherapist

"Fantastic and clear health business strategies which are not available as concisely anywhere else"
Belinda Hinchey - Bwell Physiotherapy

"Clear - easy and straight to the point with NO FLUFF"
Michael Melamed - a2z Health Group

"I love attending seminars that have valuable, practical and actionable ideas that are easy to implement. Michael's presentation was exactly that - time well invested"
Jerome Finkelstein - Progressive Healthcare

Note: See more video & written comments from past course attendees and users of this package further down the page...

So What Exactly Is Included in The "Ultimate Health Business Referral System"?

The Ultimate Health Business Referral System

(a) 4 DVD's / Plus a USB Drive with MP4's of Paul and Michael’s Live Presentation

The pack includes 4 DVD’s / MP4's of the presentations from the live "Ultimate Referral System" Training Event – perfect for you and your team to watch – pause – and complete the “fill in the blank” manual.

DVD / MP4 One

Introduction to Referral Marketing

Allow your team to fully understand their role in the referral generation system - and why referral marketing is everyone's job in the business - not just the owners.

Module One - The Referral Process - Setting You Up Correctly

Develop a clear understanding of what you do, how you do it, who you do it for and what makes you standout in the industry over your competitors - as well as understanding the seven steps to the referral process and how neglecting any of these steps can dramatically reduce potential referral success.

Module Two - Building Your Referral Network

Obtaining consistent word of mouth referral depends on the relationships you keep with other people. This module will identify people you already know to build the bases of your network and outline the 3 phases that the relationship must pass through in order for them to play a role in generating referrals for your business.

Module Three - Building Your Community

Currently you have so many people that could create new opportunities for you but are not - this module breaks down the barriers to referral and lets you develop a crowd of active referrers to your business.

DVD / MP4 Two

Module Four - Building Trust with Your Referral Partners

Put in place tactics and systems to build trust with your referral partners so you can build the relationship with them as well as motivate them to pass you business.

Module Five - Engaging on Social Media

This module shows exactly what you should be doing on Social Media and why. Whether we like it or not social media is a powerful tool that is growing every year and gives you great exposure directly to your target audience. It is time to get seen.

Module Six - Finding and Developing Your Supergroups and Partners

This module helps you identify where to find ideal referral partners and how to use your different contact spheres to find them. We'll look at setting criteria for your referral partners and how to create supergroups to enhance the number of referrals you receive each and every week.

DVD / MP4 Three

Module Seven - Creating Cross Promotions

This module shows you exactly how to create cross promotions with other local businesses in your area. They promote your business and you promote theirs. It is a simple win / win and when you do it with lots of businesses you will be seen everywhere.

Module Eight - Loyalty Rewards and Motivating Our Partners

This section of the program identifies effective loyalty rewards programs that encourage referral partners to be more active in our referral community - don't get caught out using old, outdated and ineffective referral rewards programs.

Module Nine - Putting the Blueprint Together

This concluding module clearly outlines your new referral generation plan and strategy for your health business - which will result in countless new referral to your rapidly growing health business.

DVD / MP4 Four - Bonus Session

"How to Increase Doctor Referrals to Your Health Business" with Paul Wright

As a special bonus this training program also includes Paul Wright's live presentation "How to Increase Doctor Referrals" where he will share:

  • The 3 step letter campaign guaranteed to spark attention in all potential referring doctors
  • Why most allied health doctor visits are a waste of time and how to track this process so the doctors actually come to you for information
  • The 3 key questions you MUST ask all possible referring doctors before you leave their office
  • Why most health professionals are setting themselves up to get absolutely NO doctor referrals at all.
  • Why doctors don't refer to you and how to change this medical mentality in a matter of minutes.
  • How to totally systematize your doctor referral marketing strategy so you can consistently generate new medical referrals on autopilot
  • How one doctor made Paul over $1 Million dollars and the secret to securing great referrers.
(This session alone will be worth the full price of this program).

(b) 8 Audio CD's Plus MP3's on a USB of All Modules and Presentations

The pack includes 8 Audio CD's / MP3's of all modules for those who prefer to learn by audio than by video .

IMPORTANT - The Pack Also Includes:

(c) Fill-In-The-Blanks Referral System PLUS All of Paul and Michael's Done-For-You Referral Generation Materials on 1 Data Disc / USB Drive

WorkbookThe "Ultimate Health Business Referral System" also includes a comprehensive data disc with a selection of documents, spreadsheets and resources that will greatly increase the value of this program to your team's productivity and profitability.

Key resources in the data disc include:

  • A pdf version of the comprehensive 84 Page "Fill in the Blanks" course manual - for you to print off for each current and future team member to complete and return to you once they have completed the program. (This "fill in the blanks" manual is a vital part of the Ultimate Health Business Referral System - simply print off the manual and give it to your team members with the USB Drive, MP4's, MP3's, DVD's, CD's - for them to fill in and return to you for review and discussion).
  • A pdf of the powerpoint slides from the live presentations
  • Written transcripts of the DVDs and CDs - for those who prefer to learn via the written word.
  • 11 x MP3 files of the audio CD's - for easy transfer to your iPod or other electronic device.
  • Examples of successful cross promotion templates to use with your referral partners.
  • Referral scorecards to track the progress of your team's referral generation activities.
  • Sample email text and drafts you can use to gain instant rapport with potential referral partners.
  • A completed version and "fill in the blanks" referral training manual - the essential document all health business owners MUST have that tells referrers EXACTLY who to refer to you and why ( this could easily be the most profitable document you ever see).

The "Data Disc" and USB Drive Also Includes ALL of Paul's Doctor Referral Generation Materials - Developed from Over 20 Years of Successful Doctor Referral Generation including:

  • The exact 3 Step Doctor referral letter that Paul uses for members of his elite private coaching program - this 3 step letter series alone will pay for the full program itself with just one mailing.
  • A sensational opening script to use when speaking to Doctors receptionists which almost guarantees you will get to see the Doctor.
  • Doctor referral generation templates to increase referral and Doctor awareness of your services.
  • Sample post visit Doctor follow-up letters to further develop your relationships with referrers.
  • Sample Doctor Newsletters and Referral Pads you can brand as your own and send to possible referring doctors.
  • Paul's own Doctor Referral Rewards program you put into your health business instantly.
  • Doctor visit summary forms - used by Paul to ensure all Doctors visits were effective and worth the time and effort.
  • There is even a "Done for You" lecture outline you can use to get in front of possible referring doctors and instantly make yourself the obvious choice for where Doctors should be referring their clients.


(d) Special Michael Griffith Training Session - How to Grow Your Business Using Linkedin

In this 5 session video training the referral marketing guru himself - Michael Griffith - will show you exactly how to grow your health business using the power of the world's NUMBER ONE business networking tool - Linkedin.

This comprehensive training program includes:

  • Having the Right Linkedin Mindset to Succeed
  • How to Set up Your Linkedin Profile for Maximum Response
  • How to Establish Yourself as the Expert Using Linkedin Posts
  • How to Build Your Community Using Linkedin Engagement
  • Advanced Linkedin Connection Strategies

All health business owners and their teams MUST have a strong Linkedin profile and presence to succeed in the referral marketing minefield - this BONUS program show you exactly how to do it.

Wrighty is a Goose Guarantee

For those new to Paul's materials and programs you always have the safety and security of his "Wrighty is a Goose Guarantee".

If you buy the pack and within the first 90 days you and your team do not think it gives you incredible value for money and return on your investment - you can simply send it back for a full refund - no dramas.

Just post it back to us at PhysioProfessor Pty Ltd, PO Box 574 Swansea NSW, Australia, 2281 and we will refund your money straight away - No Drama.

SUMMARY of the Ultimate Health Business Referral System package:

  1. 4 DVD’s / MP4's on USB of Paul and Michael's live presentations
  2. 6 Audio CD’s / MP3's on USB of the live seminar
  3. MP3 files of all sessions
  4. The DATA DISC and Full USB Drive with the full powerpoint slides, workbook, blank manuals, bonus materials and Doctor referral generation templates and resources
  5. The "How to Grow Your Business Using Linkedin" video training series with Michael Griffiths
  6. Documents & Written Materials including the "Fill in the Blanks" course manual - Ring Bound and in pdf on the data disc.

That’s 12 DVD/ CD’s / CD's/ USB Drive - Packed with Amazing Value.

How to Get the Best Results from the Ultimate Health Business Referral System

Paul WrightWe appreciate that people learn in a variety of ways - so we have done our best to give you every option - ie DVD, Audio CD, MP4, MP3 and Written Transcripts .

However, we believe you will get the most out of the program by taking the following steps - in this order - remember - there is more than one option:

Step One - Take a few moments to browse over the material and familiarise yourself with the contents of the pack - including all CD's, DVD's, written material and contents of the data disc and USB Drive.

Step Two - Print out copies of the "ULTIMATE REFERRAL SYSTEM FILL IN THE BLANKS MANUAL" from your data disc / USB - and give one to each of your team - with strict instructions they have to use the USB Drive, DVD and/or Audio CD's to complete the manual.

Note: don't worry about making a mistake or writing something in the wrong part of the workbook - as we have included a copy of the workbook on the data disc - a great resource if you want your future team members or associates to also complete the program.

Tip - Many health business owners give the full package to each of their team members - for one week at a time - with the team members required to return the pack and the completed manual in one week's time.

Step Three - at the end of the Program, your team should have completed the "Fill in the Blanks" manual. We suggest you then schedule a time to review the completed workbook and discuss items raised with your team member.

NOTE - This "Ultimate Health Business Referral System" can also be conducted as a one day training event for your team simply by getting your team together in front of a DVD player or computer - give each of them a printed copy of the manual - and get started - stopping at the appropriate sections for discussion and to complete the manual.

An incredibly effective and cost effective team training program.

Once your team has completed the formal program - we suggest you also get them to listen to the Bonus CD's and DVD's that are included with this pack. These extra sessions will further develop the skills of your team and make them even more productive and profitable for you.

What Sort of Value Does the "Ultimate Health Business Referral System" Represent for a Health Business Owner?

Michael GriffithsIf Paul and Michael were to present this event live to your team at your clinic - our current fee for a one day training seminar is in the order of $20,000 - not including our travel costs (from Australia), accommodation and other expenses.

And that is for a One Off seminar event- so not for your future team members.

Michael's one day referral marketing course is currently over $1750 AUD per attendee - assuming you can make it to one.

What about if you wait for Paul and Michael to do this one day training event again as a live event?

Paul has no intention of doing this event again as a live event - the live seminar that was recorded for the "Ultimate Referral System" program - was a one off event with the sole purpose of producing this package.

The value in this program is unbelievable - even if you are only charging $60-$70 for a standard session (we hope you are charging more than that) - you only need to complete an extra 20 or so consultations to pay for the full program.

No wonder Paul is going to raise the price of the program shortly.

Ultimate Health Business Referral System - OPTION 1OPTION ONE:
Click HERE to Order your "Ultimate Health Business Referral System" for a one off payment of ONLY $1,797 AUD (plus $30 P and H).
Ultimate Health Business Referral System - OPTION 2OPTION TWO:
Click HERE to Order your "Ultimate Health Business Referral System" using our "easy payment plan" of of just $697 AUD now, then in 30 days time a payment of $600 AUD and in 60 days your final payment of $600 AUD - total ONLY $1,897 AUD (plus $30 P and H).
Click above for your Preferred Order Option NOW!!

10 Reasons to Order the "Ultimate Health Business Referral System" NOW

  1. Save yourself thousands of dollars and countless hours by using Paul and Michael to train your current and future team with systems and scripts that have been tried and tested over the past 20 years - remember "successful people spend money to save time" and this program will save you years of work.
  2. Empower your team by letting the Ultimate Health Business Referral System teach them about the importance of referral marketing- never again have all the referral campaigns in your business left to you and you alone.
  3. This unique program is specifically designed for health professionals by a fellow health professional and business owner who understand the struggles, problems, and stress that comes with health business ownership - use Paul and Michael's systems, scripts and knowledge to claim back your life NOW!!
  4. You can benefit from Paul and Michaels 40 years of business ownership experience and save yourself the pain and frustration that they went through to finally get to their stage of business success - would you like the freedom to choose when and where you go to work - and still have a great income - to do this YOU MUST have a comprehensive referral training system for your team.
  5. Share in Paul and Michaels knowledge gained from investing more than $40,000 in business coaching and over $20,000 in seminars, courses and training programs - including an Advanced Diploma in Business Management - don't waste years like Paul and Michael did - take the fast track and use their system and knowledge.
  6. The Ultimate Health Business Referral System (like all of Paul's business building materials) includes a 90 day 100% money back guarantee - if you get the pack and don't think it is for you - (highly unlikely) then simply send it back for a full refund - no risk to you.
  7. Paul and Michael have included the exact same scripts, documents, systems and templates used to attract a flood of ideal clients to their successful businesses.
  8. Using these referral training scripts and methods will enable you to FREE yourself from your business - just like Paul did - to enjoy the freedom that all business owners should be enjoying.
  9. Benefit from Paul's bonus video training sessions to improve other areas of your business and expand into new markets.
  10. Take advantage of the optional easy payment plan - of 3 low monthly payments - allowing you to put these systems in place and increase your income BEFORE paying for the rest of the program.


Paul Wright B.App.Sc (Physio), Dip. Ed. (Phys. Ed.), Adv. Dip. Business Management

Paul WrightSince graduating as a Physical Education teacher in 1987, and then as a physiotherapist in 1990, Paul Wright has opened multiple multi-disciplinary health clinics, closed a few, been locked out of one and sold some others. He has employed countless therapists and support staff, fired some and re-hired others.

Paul has been actively involved in clinical education around the world having lectured to over 25,000 health professionals - in the areas of program design, injury prevention, rehabilitation and business development and even found the time to win multiple titles as a competitive bodybuilder.

Paul Wright is living proof this “Ultimate Health Business Lifestyle” is possible. At one stage he owned 6 successful Get Active Physiotherapy clinics in Australia, yet still spent more time at home than his wife preferred, never missed a school concert or sports carnival, and visited his clinics for only a few hours each week. While doing this he did not even live in the same city as 5 of his clinics!

Since selling his health businesses Paul now prefers spending even more time with his family and friends, at the beach, or at home working on the Million Dollar Health Professional Program, Profit Club, One on One Coaching, The Practice Acceleration Program, presenting live seminars and working on his most recent passion – The One Minute Practice program.

Michael Griffiths The #1 Authority on Referral Marketing Training & Education

Neil FairleyOver the past 10 years Michael has successfully grown 7 business and sold 6 of them all through referrals, partnerships and affiliates. He has added over a $100 million dollars to thousands of businesses through his partnership marketing strategies.

As founder and CEO of My Small Business Marketing Guru – Michael helped businesses to get more leads, more clients and greater profits with relationship based marketing strategies. However - after years of helping businesses with their marketing he could see a change in the landscape as it became harder and harder to get the return on your marketing dollar through SEO, Social Media, PR, Adwords and conventional advertising channels.

The landscape has moved back to relationship selling and word of mouth marketing, yet so many people did not have a system or a plan on how to do this correctly.

As a result of this changing landscape Michael created The Referral Marketing Guru – where business owners from around the globe come to learn the secrets of referral marketing. Michael is now one of the highest paid referral experts in the world.

I love how easy it is to get other people to fill your sales funnel for you through partnerships. I love thinking of all the collaboration possibilities and making them happen. I want to share my passion, processes and systems to health business owners who are ready to go to a whole new level with their business. That is what this referral marketing seminar for health professionals is all about. This will change your business and skill set FOREVER.” Michael Griffiths

Ultimate Health Business Referral System - OPTION 1OPTION ONE:
Click HERE to Order your "Ultimate Health Business Referral System" for a one off payment of ONLY $1,797 AUD (plus $30 P and H).
Ultimate Health Business Referral System - OPTION 2OPTION TWO:
Click HERE to Order your "Ultimate Health Business Referral System" using our "easy payment plan" of of just $697 AUD now, then in 30 days time a payment of $600 AUD and in 60 days your final payment of $600 AUD - total ONLY $1,897 AUD (plus $30 P and H).
Click above for your Preferred Order Option NOW!!

Still Not Convinced?

If you remain unconvinced of the incredible value of this program, then try on the following statements to see which apply to you:

  • I don’t know the right place to network for my ideal patients
  • My therapists and admin team members just don’t seem to be able to ask for referrals so it is all left to me
  • I get low-level leads that do not amount to much business
  • I tell a lot of people what I do, they just don’t seem to understand how valuable my service is
  • I don’t attend networking events because I really don’t know what to do when I am there or don’t know where to even find networking groups
  • I am spending too much of my time with low-value prospects
  • I don’t understand that there is a referral process I can use to grow my health business
  • I offer rewards for referrals, yet that doesn’t bring us much business and I don’t know why
  • I cannot figure out why some people will not refer business to me when I do such a great job with my clients and patients
  • My team don’t see how networking through their current relationships can add more patients to their appointment diaries
  • Our  team don’t generate referrals from the consultations they deliver and the contacts they make
  • We have limited engagement with our community or we have no community to develop relationships with – assuming I even know how to do it
  • We don’t create enough opportunities each week and I just don’t know that else to do to generate referrals
  • We have very few new doors being opened for us at the moment

If you are reading this list and ticking “YES” against some of these, then we know we can help you. Our referral marketing program will help you and your team create your own referral marketing machine that will last for years to come.

Register NOW if You Want:

  1. Quality referrals coming into your health business
  2. A funnel of prospects to speak to each and every week on autopilot
  3. New referral partners that are actively looking to help you each and every day
  4. Referral partners that are promoting services for you, just as if it was you doing the work yourself
  5. To learn how to build a referral network around you
  6. To learn how to re-activate your network to increase your referrals immediately

What Other Professionals said about "The Ultimate Health Business Referral System" package and the live seminar - which the DVD and CD Package is Based On:

“I definitely recommend buying the referral pack - we can make a limitless amount of extra money from this program”

Daniel Fitzpatrick – Podiatrist - Alternative Foot Solutions

“Awesome - it's all about systems - Paul puts it together really well and I would recommend this course”

Gerard Lohan – Physiotherapy

“I loved it - it was fantastic - I bought the package because I want to use it to train my staff to help me build the business - highly recommended”

Alexis Weidland – Harmony Health

“Absolutely loved it - I will use it with my staff to get everyone on song with referral marketing - highly recommended”

Andrew Noyes – Exact Physiotherapy

“Fantastic - it give you everything you need to know about joint venture, cross promotion and affiliate relationships ”

Nicholas Young – Revesby Physiotherapy

“Absolutely fantastic and essential program for all health professionals, owners, therapists and front desk teams - this program will show you how to fill your marketing funnel so you will have more patients than you could ever hope to deal with”

Jerome Finkelstein – Progressive Healthcare

“This program one every health business owner should do”

Mark Lin – Footwork Podiatry

Here is what other health business owners have said about Michael Griffith's referral marketing programs:

“Having heard about Michael Griffiths' Referral Marketing strategies from a friend I decided to do his masterclass. All I can say is amazing. I was concentrating on only 2 of the 7 referrals sources and instantly saw results when I tapped into my network. The referral process showed me the importance of building relationships and building trust before sales, and the importance of helping other businesses to achieve success. Well worth the time.
Scott Colyer - Living Strong Mobile Physio

“I've always done ok with doctor referrals with 1 or 2 a week. To grow I needed to find other ways as my businesses has always relied on strong referrals and testimonials from others. The Referral Masterclass I was provided with great information, A-ha moments and ideas, processes and activities that I can realistically adhere to in my every-day activities. It also enabled me to think outside my current environment and contacts and therefore enhance and develop different relationships with patients, my network and my social media connections. But, it's the results that count. Since completing the course, I've made new contacts and developed strong associations with like-minded business.
Nick Thompson - Founder, The Healthy Life Clinic

“Prior to attending Michael's Referral Marketing course I was unsure how best to tap in to my own and others networks to grow referrals for my business. The framework, activities and habits Michael teaches are far more than 'just common sense' - they are a whole new approach to growing referrals. The impact of the course's networking component alone had an immediate effect on my results - both for myself and for others with whom I share referrals. I highly recommend anyone genuinely motivated to grow their business through more, better quality referrals to listen to Michael.
Sally Campbell - Evolve Health

What Attendees of other Paul Wright events said:

"Spectacular - I Loved It - Within the First Hour I Learnt Enough to Make Me an Extra $20,000 Lise Danecker, Physiotherapist.

Why didn't I find this guy 15 years ago - I now know how to put everything into my practice to make my health business hum, quit working quite so hard in my business so I can work more on my business and start to realize the profitsDr Cherye Roche - Chiropractor - New Zealand

“Three years ago I came across one of Paul’s videos and I have since gone from a single practitioner business to having a thriving business with eleven professionals. So come to his course - listen and learn - you will never regret it.” Albert Nakla - Owner of Pro-Fit Physio and Allied Health Centre

"Realize what you suspected about your business & get the strategies to rectify it. As much as I hate to admit it Wrighty knows" Barry, Physiotherapist

"Clear, concise and simple. It all makes perfect sense – so why am I not doing this??" Travis, Physiotherapist

"Very good content, especially regarding front desk skills" Peter, Health Professional

"Good breakdown of simple steps to re-charge practice procedures tomorrow" Amanda, Massage Therapist

"I come away with a fresh approach to increasing my profits for my business" Sharon, Personal Trainer

"Found it a confident & insightful seminar. Good combination of business methods, practical advice in an easy to understand format" Paula, Osteopath

"Excellent delivery. Valuable information gained. Very impressed" Dave, Massage Therapist

"This session brings together & packages everything we think we already know and everything we think we were doing but really are not! A good kick in the bum!" Grant, Sports Therapist

"Great Food for thought! Really practical stuff! Well worth it" Tony, Podiatrist

"This should be a part of the University Physio/Health Professional course" Ian, Physiotherapist

Ultimate Health Business Referral System - OPTION 1OPTION ONE:
Click HERE to Order your "Ultimate Health Business Referral System" for a one off payment of ONLY $1,797 AUD (plus $30 P and H).
Ultimate Health Business Referral System - OPTION 2OPTION TWO:
Click HERE to Order your "Ultimate Health Business Referral System" using our "easy payment plan" of of just $697 AUD now, then in 30 days time a payment of $600 AUD and in 60 days your final payment of $600 AUD - total ONLY $1,897 AUD (plus $30 P and H).
Click above for your Preferred Order Option NOW!!