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How Much Money Are You Wasting on Marketing Each Month Only to Have Your Practice Sabotaged by Under-Booking Therapists and Admin Team Members Who Just Can't Sell?

Find Out How to Turn Your Timid Team Members Into Confident Income Generators Who Create Better Client Outcomes, Sell More of Your Products, and Generate Referrals Consistently with Paul Wright and Steve Jensen's New Program:

"The Ultimate Sell Without Selling Client Conversion System"

"Done for You Team Training to Help Patients Book Appointments, Follow Team Recommendations and Complete Their Treatment Programs"

WATCH THIS SHORT VIDEO to Find Our More About How "The Ultimate Sell Without Selling Client Conversion System" Can Grow Your Health Business
  • Are you a health business owner frustrated by your timid therapists and admin team members poor re-booking and product sales performance?
  • Do you wish your team members were more like you - confident in their recommendations and treatment plans and able to generate countless referrals from their loyal patient list?
  • Are you sick and tired of training your team on clinical skills only to see them with empty appointment books - while you are always booked out and with a long waiting list.
  • Do you wish there was a way to make all team members more confident in their treatment recommendations, happy to ask for referrals and effortlessly sell the required number of appointments?
  • Do your team members roll their eyes and or even worse, become argumentative, when you try and talk to them about their low rebooking rates, high no show stats and poor product sales - even when the client obviously needs more sessions or products to help them make a full recovery?
  • Do you feel your team believe you are only talking to them about their low re-booking rates or poor product sales because you, the business owner, are only interested in making money and not concerned about improving client outcomes?
  • Do you wish your therapy and admin team knew exactly what to say when a client does not want to book their follow up sessions, calls to cancel or asks about your fees?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed and in the dark about how help your team generate incredible and instant rapport with every client so they stay, pay and refer?
  • Do you wish you knew how the best practices in the world are training their teams to generate instant rapport, make follow up appointments confidently, convert enquiries into bookings and ensure all clients get a great result?

Well FINALLY - here is the solution to all of these problems!!!!

"The Ultimate Sell Without Selling Client Conversion System - Done For You Team Training to Help Patients Book Appointments, Follow Team Recommendations and Complete Their Treatment Programs"

This incredible health business team sales training program will give you the clarity, direction and peace of mind that comes from understanding EXACTLY how to get your therapy and admin team members confidently booking follow up sessions, making appointments over the phone, developing instant rapport with all new clients and filling their appointment books with ideal patients.

This program gives you an exact step by step sales, telephone conversion and rapport building training system - no more uncertainty, stress or worry that happens when you don't know how to train your team in sales - without appearing salesy.

This great program has been painstakingly co-ordinated by one of Australia's leading Health Business Consultants, Health Professional and Marketing experts - Paul Wright. Paul is a Physiotherapist and health business owner who has been in the trenches just like you - having previously owned 6 health clinics while running them from his home office and visiting each clinic for a few hours each week or two.

The program co-creator is one of the world's leading communication and sales training experts - Steve Jensen. Through Steve's three key businesses - Impact Training Corporation, the National Sales Academy and My Mentor - this multi award winning communication guru has delivered sales training to successfully increase the profits of thousands of businesses throughout the world.

His training and mentoring often doubles or even triples his clients' existing sales figures. For example, Steve has had clients who were generating $65,000 per month, transform into $850,000 per month successes, within a mere 12 months.

Paul Wright Steve Jensen

This comprehensive team training system also includes bonus training from FIFTEEN (15) of the world's leading health business sales gurus who share their own secrets to helping patients book appointments, follow team recommendations and complete their treatment programs.

Let's face facts - most health business owners are so overwhelmed and time poor - they fail to train their teams effectively on how to convert enquiries into bookings, how to re-booking the required number of follow up sessions, or how to follow up past clients on the phone - and many more just don't know where to start.

Instead they rely on the odd team meeting (run by an equally nervous and unskilled owner) and then hope they do a good enough job that some of their team members improve their rebooking, communication and sales performance.

Not a great way to run a business - but a guaranteed path to owner burnout, frustration, fatigue and poor work/life balance.

This program gives you and your team pinpoint certainty about exactly how to be better communicators and more confident therapists - this alone will save you hours of time and make you thousands of dollars in extra profit - plus deliver greatly improved client outcomes.

Not only that - Paul, Steve and the FIFTEEN experts will share with you:

  • How to overcome "I can't afford it" or "I'll check my diary" when trying to book follow up sessions or sell a required product
  • Why "old-selling no longer works and how to use next generation/new age compliance triggers to guarantee client compliance and provide better patient results.
  • The exact scripts and templates that effortlessly turn enquiries into bookings and leads into patients.
  • How to make your business and therapy team the only obvious choice which makes it impossible for the client to not use you as their health provider.
  • The secret to creating a great Unique Selling Proposition your team actually believe and are proud to share with all clients and contacts.
  • Exactly how to make every new client experience memorable and want to share with their family and friends.
  • Understand exactly what to say during an initial meeting, to ensure you engage effectively, give the client immense confidence in your ability and gain their trust instantly.
  • Discover the two major motivators of human behaviour and how they must BOTH be used during every consultation so you receive permission to solve your clients problem.
  • Learn the key principles of creating and using your own Needs Analysis and how to reduce objections before they come up.
  • Learn the ALF principle and how to use it in all presentations to create authentic "non-salesy" conversations.
  • The secrets of Optimal Body Language and how to use this to develop trust and confidence in your client.
  • How to develop your own Needs Analysis tool that will help you establish the clients compelling reasons to buy, build rapport and reduce objections.
  • How and why you must create urgency to reduce objections and inspire positive decisions using the "Big How" principle.
  • The 3 secret questions that will reduce third party objections and instantly stop the "I will need to check my diary and get back to you" conversation.
  • The simple formula you can use immediately to create an experience that is unique, and confirms your product and service offers the solution your prospects need.
  • Discover how to use NLP skills that create a memorable experience for all clients.
  • Understand the world's most effective communication skills that allow you to teach and prove what you say is true, without being perceived as a "know it all", which will inspire your clients to fully engage in your complete treatment plan.
  • Learn what selling Key Performance indicators (KPI's) are and how they use them as your scorecard to measure team member performance.
  • Learn why having a planned appointment schedule and structure is critical to your selling success.
  • How to use The Hawthorne Principle & Confirming Good Income Days formula to dramatically increase your profits and client outcomes.
What "Ultimate Physio" Founder and Program Speaker - Nick Schuster - Said About the Live Event Which He Actually Attended

What Other Professionals said about "The Ultimate Sell Without Selling Client Conversion System" and the live seminar - which the DVD, CD and USB Package is Based On:

"Fantastic content - highly informative with tools to use back in the clinic on Monday. This program will add thousands to our bottom line without us actually having to sell. Highly recommended."
Paul McLoughlin - Health Business Owner

"Great actionable content, tied together a lot of concepts I have heard of but wasn't sure how to put together and implement"
Hayden Garner - Health Professional

"As a Physio business owner trying to exit from the hands-on parts of the business it was great to get the exact frameworks to help the team with these challenging conversations"
Justin Mistry - Health Business Owner

"A very practical and clear sales system I can take back to the business ad put into place on Monday - can't wait to train the team"
Jemma Mulligan - Physiotherapy Business Owner

"Teaching my team how to sell their valuable services is an ongoing dilemma - however this program provides the exact system to do it"
Patricia Orr - Health Business Owner

"Very impressed with the quality of the program and the professionalism and enthusiasm of the presenters"
Melissa Bant - Podiatrist

"Steve is one of the best presenters I have ever seen in the health industry. Great content"
Andrew Rivet - Health Business Owner

So What Exactly Is Included in "The Ultimate Sell Without Selling Client Conversion System"?

The Ultimate Sell Without Selling Client Conversion System

(a) 6 DVD's of Steve Jensen’s Live Presentation (these sessions are also included in MP4 format in the USB drive included with this program)

The pack includes 6 DVD's (and MP4's on USB) of the presentations from the live "Ultimate Sell Without Selling Client Conversion" training event - perfect for you and your team to watch - pause - and complete the "fill in the blanks" manual.

DVD One:

Module 1 - Planning Your Sales Success

In this module you and your team will learn:

  • The 4 essential business lessons you must understand to be a success in health care
  • How to formulate and achieve your weekly and monthly sales and income targets
  • Why you must understand the “one chance mentality” to grow your health business
  • Why KPI’s do not motivate team performance and the one simple daily activity guaranteed to increase income and business performance

DVD Two:

Module 2 - How People Buy and Reducing Objections

In this module you and your team will learn:

  • The 4 triggers consumers use when making a buying decision and the absolute holy grail of triggers you MUST have to succeed in health care
  • How and why you need to use the “double pump” system to increase sales
  • The 5 absolute must do’s to increase sales and how leaving out any of these dramatically reduce your sales results
  • Why you must understand the principle of INKING and how to use this to set yourself up as the expert
  • The simple cheat sheet you can use to position yourself as the expert in your field
  • How to totally remove the issue of price from any discussion
  • The one word you must use to instantly develop rapport with any new client

DVD Three:

Module 3 - Making Every Call Count

In this module you and your team will learn:

  • The global issues facing health businesses and why your current follow up and phone scripts are not working - assuming you even have one
  • The exact follow up call system guaranteed to get a positive response from any enquiry
  • How to make your follow up phone call so memorable your clients want to return your call
  • The 3 massive phone mistakes that are costing you a fortune and how to avoid them
  • The 8 types of calls and how to use these to increase profits and client results
  • The exact scripts and templates you can use to increase your success on the telephone and increase re-booking results
  • The SIX-point call checklist to make price a non-issue

Module 4 - Creating a Memorable First Impression

In this module you and your team will learn:

  • Why the position of your head and hands is vital to developing rapport and gaining client confidence
  • How to instantly make people feel at ease and comfortable in your health business
  • The 7 non-verbal communication secrets that instantly set you up for success as a health professional or front desk team member
  • How to shake hands with a new client so they have confidence in you as a professional
  • Exactly what to say when you first meet a client so they instantly like and trust you
  • Where to sit and how to structure your consultation to give client a confident feeling about you and your business
Steve Jensen

DVD Four:

Module 5 - How to Establish Compelling Reasons to Buy

In this module you and your team will learn:

  • How to use the “ALF Formula” to dramatically increase the chance of a client agreeing to your program
  • How to use “Leader Questions” to find out exactly what your client wants from you so every client makes a follow up appointment
  • The 2 motivators of human behavior and how to use them to get a client to take action
  • How to use the “4W and the secret HOW” conversation to identify your clients exact pain points and how you can use this to increase client success

Module 6 - Consultations, Tours and Proofing Skills That Make Closing Easier

In this module you and your team will learn:

  • How to use “Proofing” to reduce objections and increase compliance
  • The secret “softeners” that make closing easy and ensure your client agrees to undertake your treatment program
  • How to use “Tiedowns” to increase bookings and client results
  • The simple 5 step process to ensure clients book their sessions in advance

Module 7 - Inspire A Close & Make More Sales

In this module you and your team will learn:

  • How to use bordering to increase your closing by over 20%
  • The 4 stages of a treatment program and how using this improves client outcomes
  • The 3 types of close and which one to use for each client
  • The one word you should never use when asking a client to book their sessions
  • How to use a “Tariff Close” and why this is the easiest and most effective conversion tool in your business

DVD Five:

Module 8 - Putting it All Together

In this module you and your team will learn:

  • The difference between allied health and fitness professionals when it comes to selling your services
  • The exact KPI’s and numbers you must know in your health business
  • How one Podiatrist used the “Orthotic Economy” to measure their business performance
  • How to use a “Call Matrix” to make sure you never miss a possible client lead ever again
  • Why “talking technical” is a recipe for disaster in most health consultations and what to say instead to make your client feel at ease and agree to your recommendations.

DVD Six - Bonus DVD

How to Run a One Minute Practice (Bonus Presentation)

In this fast-paced BONUS session, Paul will share with you:

  • The key concept all health business MUST understand in order to free themselves from their daily and weekly grind.
  • The secret "Six Spreadsheet Formula" previously only available to Paul's elite One on One Coaching clients that will totally revolutionize the way you run your health business.
  • The single most important resource that shows you instantly if a team member is not completing a protocol or procedure and how this single resource - can allow you to run your business from anywhere in the world in less than one minute a day.
  • How to measure and manage your business performance in a way that lets you make highly accurate decisions about your business expenses, staff wages and profit - never again be left in the dark by your key numbers.
  • Why most health business owners are vulnerable to being ripped off by sharp advertising sales reps and how to never be fleeced again.
  • How to know instantly that you are paying too much rent or your wage payments are out of control and what to do about it.
  • Why your accountant is the last person who should be telling you how your business is performing and how to analyze your business performance correctly.
  • The exact systems some of the world's smartest health business owners are using to get an 80% re-boking rate from a simple phone call - and the "Million Dollar Script" they are all using in these calls.
  • The single most important marketing system you can use in your health business - and it costs almost nothing to do and can be put into your health business in less than 5 minutes.

(b) 6 Audio CD's of All Modules and Presentations

The pack includes 6 Audio CD's of all modules for those who prefer to learn by audio than by video.

(c) A USB Drive with Bonus Training Sessions Including:

After the live event and the Module 8 (Putting it All Together) session, Steve kindly recorded TWO bonus training sessions where he expands on the content he presented in Module 7 - how to close the sale.

One of these bonus sessions is specifically for allied health professionals and the other is for health and fitness professionals - they have similar content however the examples Steve uses in each presentation is more specific to either allied health or the fitness industry.

A Secret Look Inside Paul’s Private Mentor Program

As a special bonus we have also included live audio recordings from inside Paul Wright’s elite One on One mentor program.

Two of the sessions focus on how to deliver a recommended treatment plan to a patient in a private allied health care setting - and the final session involved a detailed discussion with one of Pauls clients about money mindset and the implication of under servicing and under charging in health care.

These recordings alone - when shared with your team - will pay for the full cost of this program many times over.

(d) The USB Hard Drive Also Contains Bonus Sessions with FIFTEEN (15) of the World's Leading Health Business Owners and Sales Training Experts

NOTE - These bonus sessions were recorded specifically for the "Sell Without Selling" program and ARE NOT included in any of Paul's other programs or summits.

Craig Allingham - "The Professors Guide to Selling"

Craig Allingham

Click HERE for Craig's full bio

In this session with Craig, you and your team will learn:

  • Why most professionals underservice their clients and what to do about it
  • How to instantly increase a therapists re-booking rate
  • Why home exercise programs can reduce the effectiveness of your treatment
  • The one questions you need to ask yourself BEFORE you discharge a client which will instantly increase patient outcomes and also practice profitability 

Caroline Bills - "Communications Skills That Increase Sales"

Caroline Bills

Click HERE for Caroline's full bio

In this session with Caroline, you and your team will learn:

  • How to get patient compliance and deliver value in your business
  • How our university education can unwittingly contribute to poor patient adherence
  • How to use the HealthChange® Behaviour Change Pathway to quickly identify and meet your patient’s needs
  • Why your clients may not comply with your recommendations and what to do about it
  • How to blend clinical skills with communication skills to be a great professional
  • How to use the HealthChange® RICk principle to engage with clients and get them the best outcome

Steve Brossman - "How to Position Yourself for Success"

Steve Brossman

Click HERE for Steve's full bio

In this session with Steve, you and your team will learn:

  • How a Dentist who didn’t want to sell, produced a $40,000 program and added an extra $1M in annual income each year
  • How to understand the “Brown Box Syndrome” so you can never be compared on price
  • The exact script Steve teaches his high-level clients that guarantees conversions and reduces objections
  • How Steve’s business was being crushed by the competition until he discovered the secret of positioning and packaging - and how you can do the same
  • The Podiatrist package Steve created which dramatically increased this professionals business success
  • How one expert went for $4M to $54M in annual revenue using a simple but little used strategy

Terry Dean - "How to Be the Expert Before the Client Even Meets You"

Terry Dean

Click HERE for Terry's full bio

In this session with Terry, you and your team will learn:

  • Why you must understand the concept of “Consultative Selling” and how to use this to reduce selling objection
  • The exact step by step system you can use in your practice which guarantees you only see “A Class Clients
  • How Terry structures his $12,000 mentor program so clients agree to buy even though they have never met or spoken to him in person before the sale
  • Why you must understand “The Golden Glove” before you even start marketing your programs or services.
  • How to prove you provide the best solution to your client’s problem - even if your professional association does not let you use testimonials
  • The 2 step process Terry used with one of his clients that got him over 1500 Google reviews

Dave Dee - "How to Be a Selling Superstar"

Dave Dee

Click HERE for Dave's full bio

In this session with Dave, you and your team will learn:

  • How Dave went for being a struggling magician doing 3 shows a month to a fully booked featured performer and the lessons you can use in your health business
  • How to increase your income without spending an extra cent on marketing
  • How Dave made $100,00 in 75 minutes and what you can use from this
  • The four words Dave uses to close his high-priced programs and products - these words will make you thousands
  • How to structure a “One to Many Selling Presentation” which positions you as the expert, totally removes any need for selling, and guarantees a successful outcome for the client

Brian Gallagher - "Selling Essentials for Health Professionals"

Brian Gallagher

Click HERE for Brian's full bio

In this session with Brian, you and your team will learn:

  • How Brian sold his business for 7 figures, bought it back 2 years later for only $1, then sold it again a few years later for another 7 figure sum
  • The 3 distinct reasons health professionals struggle with sales and what to do about it
  • The selling revolution overtaking the health profession and why you must know this to be an effective practitioner
  • The 3-step strategy guaranteed to get full patient compliance and an exceptional outcome
  • How to get 100% team member compliance with all of your sales and marketing systems
  • How to use the “Give me Five Drill” to grow your health business for FREE

Nichole Hamilton - "Listening Skills and Empathy - the Keys to Sales Success"

Nichole Hamilton

Click HERE for Nichole's full bio

In this session with Nichole, you and your team will learn:

  • Why most health professionals fail to develop rapport with their clients and how to do this instantly
  • How to improve client outcomes using listening skills and empathy
  • What Nicoles’s highly personal history can teach us all about delivering better health care solutions for our clients
  • How her health professional let her down and what she learnt from the experience
  • How to get your team totally engaged in delivering highly personal and empathetic consultations
  • Exactly how Nichole recruits and selects team members to work in her practice and the mistake many employers make when choosing new therapists

Ted Jedynak - "Packaging Health Care to make Selling Easier"

Ted Jedynak

Click HERE for Ted's full bio

In this session with Ted, you and your team will learn:

  • How Ted effectively sold a $2000 treatment program and how he overcome his own issues with selling and money
  • Ted’s secret recruitment strategy which ensured he always had a ready supply of therapists to work in his practices
  • Why you must package your services and exactly how to do it without having issues with insurance companies or third party payers
  • Why more than half of Ted’s early clients did not go ahead with treatment and how a session with his business coach fixed this poor conversion instantly
  • Why our current physical assessment process is fundamentally flawed and how to fix this instantly

Rick Lau - "The Missing Link to Selling Success"

Rick Lau

Click HERE for Rick's full bio

In this session with Rick, you and your team will learn:

  • The exact front desk metrics you need to measure to ensure you are not losing money at the admin level
  • The epiphany Rick had which finally allowed him to get his team to be compliant and patient focused
  • How to guarantee all calls to your practice are answered and none of your marketing is wasted
  • The high-tech system you can use to rebook lost callers, measure front team performance and train your team to deliver better client outcomes
  • How most clinics are missing out on 35 new clients a month - with no increase in marketing spend

Aaron LeBauer - "Never Sell Again"

Aaron LeBauer

Click HERE for Aaron's full bio

In this session with Aaron, you and your team will learn:

  • How to charge what you are worth and get it - without feeling salesy
  • How to package your services so you never get a price comparison
  • The lightbulb moment that led to Aaron increasing his fees by $100 a visit - with no complaints or drop in consultation numbers
  • The secret questions Aaron asks all new clients which gets instant rapport and increased compliance
  • The exact script Aarons team use to convert Facebook leads into paid consultations
  • The script and process Aaron uses to reduce cancellations and prevent self-discharge
  • How to handle questions about insurance coverage so “who pays” is never an issue

David Moffet - "Customer Service Success Secrets"

David Moffet

Click HERE for David's full bio

In this session with David, you and your team will learn:

  • Why we pre-judge the ability of our clients to pay for our treatment and what to do about it
  • How a local dentist gave David has database for FREE and how David made over $800,000 from this list
  • How to stand out in the health marketplace so you don’t have to compete on price
  • The $1 product that make David clients hundreds of thousand of dollars each and every year and makes price comparison impossible
  • The number one reason why a client does not go ahead with your treatment program and how to ensure your clients proceed with care
  • How to use the simple “photo on the wall strategy” to shut down price objection instantly

Jamey Schrier - "PT’s Guide to Selling Success"

Jamey Schrier

Click HERE for Jamey's full bio

In this session with Jamey, you and your team will learn:

  • The “Paper Towel” experience and how this impacted Jamey’s money mindset
  • The “Million Dollar Question” Jamey uses to ensure patient compliance and commitment to the plan
  • How to use the “Reframe” strategy to increase your selling confidence and re-booking results
  • The 5 “Phases of Delight” and how you can use these phases to get client compliance
  • The $200,000 patient induction system and how to use this to grow your health business
  • How to use the “Magic Moment” program to turn all clients into raving fans and get your cancellation rate to zero

Nick Schuster - "Team Training and KPI Essentials"

Nick Schuster

Click HERE for Nick's full bio

In this session with Nick, you and your team will learn:

  • Why team members don’t listen to the owner and why your team need to hear this training from outside sources
  • How to use data from private paying clients compared to insurance paying clients to determine the performance of your team members
  • How to know instantly if your team need sales CPR - before your business is massively damaged
  • Exactly how Nick inducts a new team member into his organization so they do not lose confidence and trust in him as the owner of the practice
  • Why you need to understand “Belief Projection” and “Imposter Syndrome” to effectively understand and improve your team sales performance
  • How to predict the success of a new team member so they do not become a “case load killer”.
  • How to structure your interview process to dramatically reduce your risk of an expensive mis-hire

Jason Smith - "The Truth About Selling and Health Care"

Jason Smith

Click HERE for Jason's full bio

In this session with Jason, you and your team will learn:

  • 5 words you can use instead of the word “sell” when explaining your products of services
  • Why one of Jason team members left Back in Motion and why she apologized 5 years later for her poor performance
  • The exact KPS’s and predictive numbers you can and should use in your health business to measure sales performance
  • How Back in Motion use the “Results for Life” program to improve business performance and client results
  • The real reason clients do not complete their course of care and how to dramatically reduce client drop-off in your business
  • How to use the 5 step “Leadership Selling” program to improve team culture, encourage client engagement and improve outcomes
  • The 5 “sales dogs” and how to use your preferred sales dog to increase results

Darryl Yardley - "How to Train Your New Therapists to Sell"

Darryl Yardley

Click HERE for Darryl's full bio

In this session with Darryl, you and your team will learn:

  • How to train your new team members to create and deliver a good treatment plan
  • How to use the “Medical Model” to develop rapport, trust and ensure all appointments are booked.
  • The single intervention that dramatically increase client compliance and outcomes
  • The top 3 objections clients use when they do not want to book follow up sessions and how to solve these issues
  • The simple 2 step approach to reducing cancellation rates and increase arrival rate
  • How to measure “self discharge rate”  and then how to reduce this in your health business
  • How to use Darryl’s “Rehab Math” to add over $100k to your health business
  • How to structure your team employment packages so they do not have to compete on price when looking for new team members.

IMPORTANT - The Pack Also Includes:

(e) Fill-In-The-Blanks Sell Without Selling Training Manual PLUS Other Bonus Material on the USB Drive

This USB drive also contains a selection of written resources to further increase the value of this program - including:

  • A “Fill in the Blanks” course manual - to be completed as your team progress through the program - (an electronic copy of this manual is on the data disc and USB drive)
  • A manual with the full Powerpoint slides for the live presentations - to assist your team in completing the “fill in the blanks” manual.
  • A huge selection of documents, forms, scripts and templates to assist you and your team on your sales journey - please open all bonus documents so you understand the content and appreciate the resources you now have at your disposal.
Wrighty is a Goose Guarantee

For those new to Paul's materials and programs you always have the safety and security of his "Wrighty is a Goose Guarantee".

If you buy the pack and within the first 90 days you and your team do not think it gives you incredible value for money and return on your investment - you can simply send it back for a full refund - no dramas.

Just post it back to us at PhysioProfessor Pty Ltd, PO Box 574 Swansea NSW, Australia, 2281 and we will refund your money straight away - No Drama.

SUMMARY of The Ultimate Sell Without Selling Client Conversion System

  1. 5 DVD’s of Steve Jensen’s live presentations
  2. 6 Audio CD’s of the live seminar
  3. DVD and MP4 version of Paul’s live “How to Run a One Minute Practice” presentation
  4. MP3 and MP4 files of all sessions on USB and Data Disc
  5. The USB Drive with the full powerpoint slides, workbook, blank manuals, bonus MP4s, materials and resources
  6. Documents & Written Materials including the “Fill in the Blanks” course manual - Ring Bound and in pdf on USB.

That’s 12 DVD/ CD’s PLUS USB Drive - Packed with Amazing Value.

Paul Wright

How to Get the Best Results from The Ultimate Sell Without Selling Client Conversion System

We appreciate that people learn in a variety of ways - so we have done our best to give you every option - ie DVD, Audio CD and USB.

However, we believe you will get the most out of the program by taking the following steps - in this order - remember - there is more than one option:

Step One - Take a few moments to browse over the material and familiarise yourself with the contents of the pack - including all CD's, DVD's, MP4's, MP3's written material and contents of the USB.

Step Two - Print out copies of the "ULTIMATE SELL WITHOUT SELLING FILL IN THE BLANKS MANUAL" from your USB- and give one to each of your team - with strict instructions they have to use the DVD, USB or Audio CD's to complete the manual.

Note: don't worry about making a mistake or writing something in the wrong part of the workbook - as we have included a copy of the workbook on the data disc - a great resource if you want your future team members or associates to also complete the program.

Tip - Many health business owners give the full package to each of their team members - for one week at a time - with the team members required to return the pack and the completed manual in one week's time.

Step Three - at the end of DVD's, CD's or USB Program your team should have completed the "Fill in the Blanks" manual. We suggest you then schedule a time to review the completed workbook and discuss items raised with your team member.

NOTE - This "Ultimate Sell Without Selling Client Conversion System" can also be conducted as a One Day training event for your team simply by getting your team together in front of a DVD player or computer - give each of them a printed copy of the manual - and get started - stopping at the appropriate sections for discussion and to complete the manual.

An incredibly effective and cost effective team training program.

What Sort of Value Does the "Ultimate Sell Without Selling Client Conversion System" Represent for a Health Business Owner?

Paul Wright Steve Jensen

If Paul and Steve were to present this event live to your team at your clinic - our current fee for a one day training seminar is in the order of $20,000 - not including our travel costs (from Australia), accommodation and other expenses.

And that is for a One Off seminar event- so not for your future team members.

PLUS - You will NEVER get the other 15 expert speakers at the same live event.

What about if you wait for Paul and Steve to do this one day training event again as a live event?

Paul and Steve have no intention of doing this event again as a live event - the live seminar which was recorded for the "Ultimate Sell Without Selling Client Conversion System" program - was presented with the sole purpose of producing this package.

The value in this program is unbelievable - even if you are only charging $60-$70 for a standard session (we hope you are charging more than that) - you only need to complete an extra 20 or so consultations to pay for the full program.

No wonder Paul is going to raise the price of the program shortly.

Click HERE to Order your "Ultimate Sell Without Selling Client Conversion System" for a one off payment of ONLY $1497 AUD (plus $30 P and H).
Click HERE to Order your "Ultimate Sell Without Selling Client Conversion System" using our "easy payment plan" of of just $597 AUD now, then in 30 days time a payment of $500 AUD and in 60 days your final payment of $500 AUD - total ONLY $1,597 AUD (plus $30 P and H).
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10 Reasons to Order the "Ultimate Sell Without Selling Client Conversion System" NOW

  1. Save yourself thousands of dollars and countless hours by using using Paul, Steve and the Fifteen experts to train your current and future team with systems and scripts that have been tried and tested over the past 20 years - remember "successful people spend money to save time" and this program will save you years of work.
  2. Empower your team by letting The Ultimate Sell Without Selling Client Conversion System teach them about the importance of communication skills, rapport building and using the right words to ensure your clients get a great outcome every time - never again have all the sales and team training tasks in your business left to you and you alone.
  3. This unique program is specifically designed for health professionals by a fellow health professional and business owner who understand the struggles, problems, and stress that comes with health business ownership - use using Paul, Steve and the Fifteen experts' systems, scripts and knowledge to claim back your life NOW!!
  4. You can benefit from the presenters 200 PLUS years of combined business experience and save yourself the pain and frustration that they went through to finally get to their stage of business success - would you like the freedom to choose when and where you go to work - and still have a great income - to do this YOU MUST have a comprehensive sell without selling client conversion system for your team.
  5. Share in Paul, Steve and the Experts knowledge gained from investing more than $100,000 in business coaching and over $200,000 in seminars, courses and training programs - don't waste years of your life learning this the hard way- take the fast track and use their system and knowledge.
  6. The Ultimate Sell Without Selling Client Conversion System (like all of Paul's business building materials) includes a 90 day 100% money back guarantee - if you get the pack and don't think it is for you - (highly unlikely) then simply send it back for a full refund - no risk to you.
  7. All new team members want education and training - you can use the fact you have this training program available to all new team members to encourage new applicants to work at your practice instead of your competition.
  8. Using this team training system will enable you to FREE yourself from your business - just like Paul did - to enjoy the freedom that all business owners should be enjoying.
  9. Benefit from Paul's bonus training sessions to improve other areas of your business and expand into new markets.
  10. Take advantage of the optional easy payment plan - of 3 low monthly payments - allowing you to put these systems in place and increase your income BEFORE paying for the rest of the program.
Click HERE to Order your "Ultimate Sell Without Selling Client Conversion System" for a one off payment of ONLY $1497 AUD (plus $30 P and H).
Click HERE to Order your "Ultimate Sell Without Selling Client Conversion System" using our "easy payment plan" of of just $597 AUD now, then in 30 days time a payment of $500 AUD and in 60 days your final payment of $500 AUD - total ONLY $1,597 AUD (plus $30 P and H).
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What Other Professionals said about "The Ultimate Sell Without Selling Client Conversion System" package and the live seminar - which the DVD, CD and USB Package is Based On:

"The fact we have been given the exact scripts and they there to be implemented instantly makes this an invaluable program"
Andrew Rivet - Health Business Owner

"Selling is something we do not do well as health professionals and I now have tools I can use on Monday morning to get back my life and freedom as a health business owner"
Jemma Mulligan - Owner of EnPointe Health

"I have always had a thing about re-booking and worried about my client’s finances - from today I feel confident in my sales skills which will decrease my self discharges - we just don’t learn this at university"

Michael - Health Professional

"There are lots of gaps in our team’s ability to engage a client in the healing process - we don’t learn this at university and it is a massive gap - we will then give out clients a better outcome - you always deliver Paul - highly recommended"

Darren Stuchbery - Business Owner

"What is the price of not doing this training - highly recommended"
Bruce Cohen - E Note File

"It is more about communication than sales - highly recommended - everyone wins so this program is a massive saving for all health business owners"
Paul McLoughlin - Health Business Owner

"Physios are bad at understanding what they deliver - so stop at session one , two or three - and don’t complete their programs - this is one of the biggest struggles we have - highly recommended"

Trish Orr – Owner of Hyperformance Physiotherapy

"This training puts what we do in perspective - we sleep better knowing we are doing the right thing by our patients and getting them better outcomes"

Joseph and Terri Sassine - Walk This Way Podiatry

Click HERE to Order your "Ultimate Sell Without Selling Client Conversion System" for a one off payment of ONLY $1497 AUD (plus $30 P and H).
Click HERE to Order your "Ultimate Sell Without Selling Client Conversion System" using our "easy payment plan" of of just $597 AUD now, then in 30 days time a payment of $500 AUD and in 60 days your final payment of $500 AUD - total ONLY $1,597 AUD (plus $30 P and H).
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