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"Sixteen Ways to Increase Profits in Your Health Business with Little or No Money"

Paul Wright B.App.Sc - Physio - Adv Dip Business Management
Your Presenter - Paul Wright  

Paul will cover in this great 50 minute webinar:

  • How your thinking is holding you back from true business and life success
  • How YOU are the problem as much as the solution and what to do about it
  • How Paul made an extra $50,000 from one conversation
  • Why your current prices are too cheap and how that impacts your profits
  • How other companies are setting your fees and why this can ruin your business
  • The one report your computer must give you to stop you going bust
  • A success formula that will change your life
  • Why your team leave and how to reduce staff turnover
  • A website problem that many of us don't even know about
  • Why all clients are not the same and how to get rid of the time wasters and energy vampires
  • And loads more

Special Bonus

At the end of this webinar Paul will tell you about a program that gives you over $2000 in value and access to over 20 years of his hard work and experience this opportunity can change your life.

Who Will Benefit from this Webinar

This presentation is for all health business and health professionals wanting to earn more, work less and enjoy life.

The material is suited to all current and future health business owners including Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Podiatrists, Personal Trainers, Massage Therapists, Acupuncturists, Doctors in fact all health professionals wanting to earn a great living but also have a great life.

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There is a Better Way

If you are like most health professionals YOU are an excellent clinician – but YOU are so time poor and busy that you don’t have enough time for your family and friends. Life may be passing you by while you are at work and away from home.

BUT there is a better way, health professional Paul Wright can show you how to create a "turn-key" health business that makes money for you while you're at home, on holidays, or spending time with your family...just as he has done.

Paul Wright is living proof this "Ultimate Health Business Lifestyle" is possible. For more than 20 years he owned multiple successful Get Active Health clinics in Australia, but still spent more time at home than his wife preferred, never missed a school concert or sports carnival, and visited his clinics for only a few hours each week. At one time didn't even lives in the same city as 5 of his clinics!

Having recently sold his clinics - for a great price - he now prefers spending time with his family and friends, at the beach, or at home working on his latest passions - The Practice Acceleration Program, Profit Club, Physio Professor and his popular One on One Coaching program for health professionals.

What attendees of Paul's Live Seminars have said

"Clear, concise and simple. It all makes perfect sense – so why am I not doing this??" Travis, Physiotherapist

"I come away with a fresh approach to increasing my profits for my business" Sharon, Personal Trainer

"Excellent delivery. Valuable information gained. Very impressed" Dave, Massage Therapist

"Great Food for thought! Really practical stuff! Well worth it" Tony, Podiatrist

"This should be a part of the University Physio/Health Professional course" Ian, Physiotherapist

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