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Paul Wright

Paul Wright, former owner of multiple highly successful health clinics is living proof that the ultimate health business lifestyle is possible!!!!

LIke most health professionals YOU are an excellent clinician – but YOU are so time poor and busy you don’t have enough time for your family and friends. Life may be passing you by while you are at work and away from home.

BUT there is a better way, Australian health professional and business expert, Paul Wright, can show you how to create a “turn-key” health business that makes money for you while you're at home, on holidays, or spending time with your family...just like he has done!

Paul is living proof this “Ultimate Health Business Lifestyle” is possible.

For more than 20 years he owned multiple successful health clinics in Australia, whilst still spending more time at home than his wife preferred, never missed a school concert or sports carnival, and visited his clinics for only a few hours each week – at one stage he didn’t even live in the same city as five of his clinics.

Having sold his health businesses – for great prices – he is now focused on sharing his experience and knowledge with fellow health professional with his Practiceology™ VIP Mentor program, team training resources, webinars and live presentations.

Here are just some of the resources that can help grow your business and reclaim your life.

  • 1. FREE pdf Copy of Paul's Amazon Best Seller - "How to Run a One Minute Practice"
  • Claim your FREE pdf copy PLUS over $500 worth of bonus materials by clicking HERE

    How to Run a One Minute Practice

  • 2. Profit Club
  • This fantastic membership program gives members access to 100's of marketing materials, posters, newsletters, letters, lectures, handouts, signs and protocols that will increase profits from your health business and save you time each month on your current marketing activities.

    Members also receive access to the largest online vault of health business resources on the planet, the "Profit Club Academy", as well as access to the complete “Million Dollar Health Professional” seminar series to help you earn more, work less and enjoy your lives.

    Click HERE for full details.

  • 3. Practiceology™ VIP Mentor Program
  • If you are serious about growing your health business – the Practiceology™ VIP Mentor Program is the fastest and most effective way to reach your goals.

    YES! It is possible to Earn More, Work Less, and Enjoy Life... as a health business owner – because we have done it.

    Whether you are a long-established professional with multiple clinics, a sole practitioner, or a new clinic owner wanting to fast track your success – the Practiceology™ Program can help you reach your business and life goals quicker and easier than any other method.

    Click here to find out more and to register for a FREE "Have a Chat With Paul" to see if you are suitable for the program – but be aware spots in the Practiceology™ program are strictly limited.

  • 4. Ultimate Recruitment, Retention and Team Culture Program - How to Find, Build and Keep, Motivated and Profitable Team Members in Your Health Practice
  • This incredible program gives you and your recruitment team the clarity, direction and peace of mind that comes from understanding EXACTLY how to generate a flood of ideal applicants, who are desperate to work in your health practice, regardless of the wage you offer.

    Click HERE to find out more.

  • 5. Ultimate Front Desk Training System
  • This 'Done-For-You' front desk training program is guaranteed to increase profits, reduce cancellations, fill empty appointment times and improve the productivity of your admin team...immediately.

    Click HERE to find out more.

  • 6. Ultimate Health Business Referral System
  • This comprehensive team system featuring health business expert Paul Wright and referral marketing guru - Michael Griffiths - will give you a complete health business referral and partnership system - with every single step broken down and implemented into your business for years to come.

    Click HERE to find out more.

  • 7. Ultimate Patient and Client Experience System
  • This incredible program, will give you the clarity, direction and peace of mind that comes from understanding EXACTLY how the world's best customer service juggernaut (Disney) gets unparalleled customer loyalty, unbelievable team retention and makes raving fans out of even the most hardened consumer.

    By the end of this program with Vance ''The Disney Guy'' Morris, you and your team will have your exact step by step Disney-like customer service and team training system - no more uncertainty, stress or worry that happens when you don't know how to build an incredible business culture.

    Click HERE to find out more.

  • 8. Ultimate Sell Without Selling Client Conversion System
  • How much money are you wasting on marketing each month only to have your practice sabotaged by under-booking therapists and admin team members who just can't sell?

    Find out how to turn your timid team members into confident income generators who create better client outcomes, sell more of your products, and generate referrals consistently with Paul Wright and Steve Jensen's allied health business sales training program.

    This system gives you an exact step by step sales, telephone conversion and rapport building training system - no more uncertainty, stress or worry that happens when you don't know how to train your team in sales - without appearing salesy.

    Click HERE to find out more.

  • 9. The Ultimate Social Media and Online Advertising Client Attraction System
  • 'Done-For-You' training for Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Osteopathic, Podiatry, Dental and Medical Practices - you can hand off to your team to generate high quality clients from Google, Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube, and More

    Imagine if your team were able to generate an almost endless supply of clients from social media daily, growing your practice and positioning you as the only obvious choice in your city.

    This is EXACTLY what we will show you and your team in this incredible program.

    Click HERE to find out more.

  • 10. Ultimate Patient Attraction System
  • Turn your team into a marketing machine that increases profits, reduces stress and fills your clinics with high paying clients - with Just ONE in-house training day.

    This program allows you to invite Paul Wright into your home or office for a one day training event that will totally transform the way you and your team market your health business - at a fraction of the cost of booking him to do a live event.

    Click HERE to find out more.

  • 11. World Physiotherapy and Physical Therapy Business Success Summit
  • Get instant access to 31 world changing Physiotherapists, Physical Therapists, Health Business Experts and Entrepreneurs who reveal how to attract high quality clients, recruit and retain dream team members and create a practice that works without you.

    Click HERE for FREE and Instant Access.

  • 12. World Podiatry Business Success Summit
  • In this FREE program, you will learn how to build a sensational Podiatry or Allied Health Practice using the proven strategies of this elite group of TWENTY PLUS health business experts who have done it over and over again.

    Click HERE for FREE and Instant Access.

  • 13. One Minute PracticeOne Minute Practice
  • "Imagine Having Complete Control of a Profitable and Growing Health Practice from Anywhere in the World in 60 Seconds or Less"

    Are you a health business owner frustrated about the amount of time you spend at your practice each and every week?

    Are you feeling disappointed about missing your child's school events or other important family occasions?

    Do you currently feel chained to your health business and scared that if you go away for even a short period of time - profits will dive and you will come back to so many problems - It is almost not worth taking a holiday in the first place - or even worse -you have not taken a holiday for years - simply because you cannot leave your practice?

    Finally there is a solution to these and the many other issues that plague most health business owners - it is called "One Minute Practice"

    This incredible online health business tracking, systematization and team measurement program is guaranteed to provide you with the freedom to run your health business from anywhere in the world in less than 1 minute a day.

    Find out more at:

  • 14. Physio Professor – Online Learning Portal
  • An important part of building a successful health business – is to have systems and programs in place to train your team and monitor their progress. Great professional education also ensures you attract only the best quality applicants for your growing business.

    This amazing online education learning portal is exactly how Paul was able to attract high quality professionals to his clinics and ensure they delivered great treatment sessions each and every time.

    Click here to find out how to get a 30 day trial of this incredible learning portal for ONLY AUS $4.95

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    Ten Front Desk Mistakes That Cost You Over $1000 Every Week

    Free Online Training Video Shares How Just One Well Trained Administration Team Member Can Add OVER $200,000 Per Year to Your Health Business!

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    How Just One Well Trained Administration Team Member Can Add OVER $200,000

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    • What Paul's Team Said About Him Never Being At His Clinics Before He Sold Them

      “It is 100% true what Paul says - he only ever shows up here once a fortnight - at best.”

      Brendan Wright - Physiotherapist and Clinic Manager

      “In terms of how often I see the boss - I have been here nearly 18 months and I have not seen him more times than I can count on two hands.”

      Sean Cooney - Physiotherapist

      “It's true - Paul is only here twice a month and it is actually worse when he is here - as we are on the edge of our seats making sure we get our scripts and systems right - it actually runs better without him here.”

      Wendy Hartley - Admin Manager

      “Most people think I am the owner because they have never seen Paul.”

      Jason Bradley - Physiotherapist and Clinic Manager